Test mobile or web apps instantly across 700+ browser/OS/device platform combinations - without infrastructure setup.
Sauce Labs Reviews and Feedback
  • Outstanding testing infrastructure and top-notch support

    We worked on a 3-year engagement with a major pharmaceutical company. Our builds had to go through a complex review and deployment process with different many players making code and configuration changes across various build profiles and environments. We wanted to ensure that nothing was broken in our application code in this process, and that any breakages would be immediately identified.

    We used Sauce Labs to create a testing suite for our app, and added tests with each new release. This helped us identify several critical issues before they ever surfaced as problems on the public-facing sites. We found the Sauce Labs platform very easy to use. We were already experienced with Selenium, but had a few questions about how to run and manage our tests on Sauce. We found the documentation to be quite helpful. On the rare occasions that we had to reach out to Sauce Labs support, we received prompt, thorough replies which kept our development process moving forward at full speed.

    The Sauce Labs tools have become a vital part of our development infrastructure.

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  • Solid for automated and manual testing

    I have used SauceLabs both for a large suite of automated tests (using Protractor) and for manual testing. The selection of platforms and browsers is great, and flakiness is generally not an issue.

    Pros: + Can get up and running quickly (if you have existing tests) + Wide OS/browser variety + VMs spin up reasonably quickly and tests run in a sane amount of time + Good tools and support

    Cons: - The experience in the web UI could improve (I marginally prefer BrowserStack's UI) - Setting up multiple tunnels (or rather a shared tunnel) for multiple Jenkins slaves is difficult (presumably also with other CI solutions)

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  • Browser Automated Testing as a Service Rocks

    Maintaining an infrastructure that supports many combinations of browsers/os is very difficult to maintain and having a service like Sauce Labs make things just so easy.

    Testers can browse test results easily and provide feedback quickly. Integrations with different programming languages is amazing as well as the documentation.

    "Spend less than 30 minutes to run a Ruby on Rails Demo App and saw the ScreenCast. Pure Magic"

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  • Great tool to automate webdriver tests

    Earlier I was running my tests locally testing on only 1 combination of Ubuntu/Firefox 35. Now I have 500 combinations which add stability to my test cases. And that too without setting up any VM. This IT automation allows me to focus on things that matter most that is writing robust and stable test cases and not worry about IT stuff like procurement of VM's installation of browsers etc.

    The only thing I wish for during my experiments was if the video of the selenium tests could be generated faster and available faster. I do not know if that is an issue but I faced this and the video was playable around after 1 minute.

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  • Sauce labs works like a charm

    I was using BrowserStack previously and the only issue we moved to Sauce Labs was because they did not support a lot of Browsers in Automation.

    Sauce Labs on first look solved that issue straight away. The speed of spinning VM's and executing sessions looks really fast, There is one issue that we are encountering is we cannot test automating on production and local testing in the same test. Since, local was using the binary execution, we were not able to turn it off for the other test. We are trying to compare a screenshot between a production browser page and local browser page. This is something we need to fix at the earliest.

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  • Testing with Sauce Labs

    Sauce Labs is awesome platform for running my selenium tests. It makes sense to offload infrastructure responsibilities to another provider and focus on only writing test cases. Ability to run my test in many browser OS combinations is my favorite reason for choosing Sauce Labs. My manager is happy too :-)

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  • Simple, secure and specific

    I have been integrating my iOS project using Jenkins for automatic deployment and testing. Sauce Labs has been a wonderful help for me for it supports Appium so that UI Automation can be performed and has a feature to sum up the test reports. The error logs and quick setup has helped in leaps and bounds. Highly specific and flexible Sauce Labs, can be configured very precisely to meet your purpose of testing.

    However, I did not find a way to run the tests on a real device. Looking forward to that.

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  • Great Tools for automation Testing

    I have tried sauce lab along with Appium. I have used this to Test ios and android Application using automation Testing with different environment. Really happy continue testing with saucelab

    Right now I m using free version as we are still on our experiment base. Later planned to upgrade subscription.

    Pros: - Automated Cross-Browser Testing - Get results faster - Many platforms, OS, simulators options. - Good documentation and troubleshooting. - Supports mobile version of android and ios. - For mobile it save the budget to test around the different version of mobile OS.

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  • My First experience with SauceLabs

    I just came across this service, when I was trying to run the automated testcases developed using selenium in a variety of browsers and see how it performs.

    Pros- 1)It gives a great level of flexibility in providing different browser platforms with different versions 2)It also provides parallelised execution of the test cases without the user having to do anything 3)Provides detailed screenshots and logs of the test execution

    Cons- 1) a Junit test cases with selenium works on my local desktop, however it fails with xpath not found in Saucelabs, still figuring out why

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  • Service seems to be very solid

    I've been using Sauce Labs with Protractor on a rails/angular app for about a week now. I've been impressed with Sauce Connect which seems to just setup an ssh tunnel so you can run your app through "localhost". I just got it working with Circle CI and seems to be running well.

    The dashboard is fairly intuitive and offers quick access to a live screencast of the test suite (which can be watched after a suite runs). It's also nice to be able to see screenshots per command after tests have run.

    Tests do take much longer than they do locally (I hope this is just because of using it as an external service and not poor hardware and/or configuration on sauces end). This is especially noticeable since the plans are metered based on how long it takes test suites to run. My only criticisms thus far would be how long it takes to run suites and it can be a bit pricey for a startup but for what it saves you in cost of setting up and maintaining your own selenium hosted solution, I'd say it's worth it.

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  • Easy Testing

    Sauce Labs made testing very fast and reliable.

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  • Great tool

    Last year I used SauceLabs for mobile automation testing using Ruby. The support was wonderful. When I send a question I receive an answer immediately. This year I used SauceLabs for web automation as the technical support was helpful.

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  • I drank the Sauce Labs Kool-Aid & Want More!

    I first implemented Sauce Labs in a former job to help the Production Support team troubleshoot issues with any browser configuration. Sauce Labs makes is super easy to spin up a VM, record your tests, share your screen, etc. At my next job, I implemented Sauce Labs for mobile device testing. Later I chose Sauce Labs as the solution for Selenium automation with many configs. I am demoing Sauce again at my new company as a solution to automate Mobile regression testing.

    Sauce Labs also offers great webinars that cover a variety of QA topics.

    Very easy to use Sauce Connect to get behind the firewall to test in all environments.

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  • Helped to reduce our testing time from 40 mins to 10 mins

    Good documentation helped us to use their services immediately. Our web and mobile automation suites run on saucelabs daily. I have contacted their customer support executives several times and they have never disappointed me.

    Looking forward to have browsers options on android emulators to run mobile web tests on chrome, firefox etc. Really liked their new dashboard. Keep up the awesome work!

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  • First-time cloud QA attempt

    We were searching for a good service to start automation of our QA routines and I suppose we'll lean towards Sauce Labs. It definitely wins over Browserstack in almost everything except UI.

    ####Pros: * easy setup * variety of environments * native proxy * real-time screencasting

    ####Cons: * Web UI has some issues, I couldn't find batch delete operation and screencasting needs flash, which I don't use * Some environments are slower than expected, had some issues with unix VMs, though it all can be solved by varying timeout options of your tests

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  • Why do we love SauceLabs

    SauceLabs is widely used by QAs for both types of testing manual and automation. It provides possibility of compatibility testing on different OS and browsers + mobile platforms for those who don't have big test stand with all real devices. I started to use SauceLabs only because of not having real devices to test website for compatibility and responsive design. After this useful experience I started to learn about automation with Selenium Webdriver and again SauceLabs helped me with tests execution on different platforms. It's easy to setup and to integrate in existing solutions and saved us a lot of time. I love reporting provided by SauceLabs, you can check video and screenshots after or view running test on the fly. Now I recommend SauceLabs to all QAs in my and other companies, even developers are using it to reproduce bugs and check their code on different devices. SauceLabs has very good documentation and big community where any appeared question can be quickly answered. I receive their emails about news and tips how to use it efficiently, sometimes there are useful webinars at SauceLabs. Thank you for this great everyday job!

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  • Could not go without it

    It's great to have the availability of testing our browser capability, without managing the integration nightmare in house.

    Sauce labs has become a powerful tool in our arsenal

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  • First experience using SLs App

    Hi guys,

    My colleague just gave me a link some time ago and said that I should try to use some 'helpers' in face of Sauce Labs Application within our Project that can economize my time.

    First experience - I like this tool! User-friendly UI, CI integration(we use TC like CI on our project by now...), Selenium web-driver compatible, and the SL team is always on the line when you need some help or assistance! Also it's very cool about mobile support as the mobile market is growing up with very big steps!

    We'll see father expectations about this product but I've already spoken with my clients to buy some service from SL!

    Oleg, QA experience 5 years

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  • Great product

    It's great to have a vast array of browser & OS combinations at hand to test against.

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  • Makes cross-browser testing simple

    I love being able to test web applications across various browsers and even browser versions as well as different OS's. Sauce Labs makes this incredibly simple as they provide all the infrastructure while I just write the tests! The ability to run the test suites in parallel is immensely helpful as well. The new beta UI is great compared to the old UI. The only complaint I have is the lack of ability to switch between the two freely. Sauce Connect is also a great utility and straightforward to set up and test my apps behind firewalls. Great work by the Sauce Labs team!

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  • Sauce Labs

    First and foremost, I'm using the new beta. If you aren't, they you ought to. I've been a long time Browser Stack user for browser compatibility testing, however, iOS devices/emulators have been failing miserably the last few weeks and IE browsers have been doing the same for the last week, so I figured it was time to try out the competition again.

    I spent hours testing alternatives, and eventually came across Sauce Labs. It has been a ridiculous improvement compared to what I've been struggling through the last few weeks.

    Though I'm sure I'll have complaints, feedback, etc. in the future, for now, all is going extremely well. Looks to be our company's new go-to browser testing tool.

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  • Great Tool for outdated browsers

    I needed to test a site on ie8 and Sauce Labs helped me do that. If in the future I ever need to se a landing page or website on an outdated browser this is where I will go.

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  • Very useful for website developers

    Even though i only tried the free trial, but it's totally worth a pain plan. I used it for testing websites we develop on different browsers and devices. We wanted to make sure that we won't get a bad feedback from clients when they test the website on a rare browser or discontinued device. Pros are: 1 - You test in real browsers, not simulators like google chrome - which is not 100% accurate. 2 - You can run parallel sessions, which means faster feedback when testing many websites on many browsers 3 - Screenshots & Videos of your test! and it can be easily shared! So you can send it to clients or team mates. I wouldn't be able to recall any cons - at least since i am only on free trial so far, but i think even the free trial is not as limited as you would think it's.

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  • Easy to implement

    Easy to implement and runs with codeception web driver(selenium) module.

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  • iPad autotesting

    Sauce Labs is good and better to use automated test webpages on iPad than with competitors. It is a big plus, that the latest iOS is supported. Unfortunately not the fastest testing tool with selenium and sometimes unstable, but it is the best so far!

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  • Great tool

    Hi guys,

    I used Sauselabs for automation mobile app using Ruby. Today I started to use SauceLabs for web app and I am very happy.

    I recommend to use SauceLabs both for manual testing and for automated testing.


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  • Some good things, but not always the right solution

    Pros * Every possible platform ever * Proxying is very easy. No messy proxy settings for native app devices

    Cons * Pretty darn slow! Every Selenium or Appium command goes over the network

    We had a server where we were running 3 Selenium tests in parallel, with the browser on that machine. We switched to 10 threads but Saucelabs -- and it ultimately was just about the same net execution time! That's how much the network slows you down! We ultimately built a better solution in-house.

    For native apps we're once again using Saucelabs; it's a very easy way to get up and running. Building a bank of Android or iOS emulators would be a pain indeed.

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  • Our Manual Testing just got awesome

    We have a testing team that does Manual Testing juggling around devices all the time. Everytime a customer shows up with an error, it used to take us ages before understand the cause of the issue in layout or simple script issue.

    Sauce Labs definitely made us look like a boss with their amazing set of testing tools for Manual and Automation Testing. I recommend this to every developer out there who is very particular about his works outcome.

    This for sure is saving a lot of our setup cost.

    Cheers to team Sauce Lab.

    P.S. Your service was recommended by a fellow web designer in my Whatsapp community.

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  • Sauce Labs is everything you need for testing!

    Sauce Labs is a fantastic testing tool that I am using for my QA internship.

    I am particularly happy with the speed of which any virtual machine loads - that saves me heaps of time and allows me to concentrate on executing more tests instead of blankly staring at the screen (and I do appreciate funny quotes displayed during the minimal wait) . I constantly have to switch between different OS and browsers and so far I had nothing but speedy and reliable experience. Moreover, getting Sauce Labs to work with local links could not have been easier!

    Sauce Labs tool is in general very simple to use for either manual or automated testing, with a lot of great resources available that are easily accessible. I additionally feel that Sauce Labs goes beyond a testing tool - it is also a community of testers and for testers, which I find really appealing. I have been using BrowserStack previously and although it was also a great testing tool, I feel that it is lacking the support Sauce Labs offers.

    All in all - I only have positive things to say about Sauce Labs, the only thing that could possibly be improved (and I'm just being picky) is the speed of which iOS cloud loads - it appears to be slightly slower than other virtual machines.

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  • Sauce labs review

    This software was easy to use and gave me a near perfect replication of a windows machine on all different browsers.

    The only con I can say I really felt confused me was when I was in my list test view I found it hard to find where I would create a new test. I found it eventually tho..

    Other than that this is a great bit of kit!

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  • Great for interoperability testing

    We chose to use Sauce Labs as our Selenium Grid in the cloud b/c we didn't want to support testing on Windows/IE in-house due to security concerns.

    Thus choosing a service like Sauce Labs was the only solution we had to execute our Watir-WebDriver (Selenium) acceptance tests on IE and other browser/OS combos.

    Pros: It took me a few hours to get setup and immediately start running tests. Our main test stack consists of: Cucumber/Watir-WebDriver (Selenium-WebDriver) and getting it up and running was not that hard. It was very fast to spin up a VM and run tests and view the screencasts and screenshots. Easier to use this as opposed to setting up an in-house Selenium Grid setup.

    Cons: I didn't find ANY documentation on how to setup Watir-WebDriver on Sauce Labs, I had to figure it out via Googling. The Watir tests do run a tad bit slow on SL. The UI is a bit dated, tried out the new beta UI and it looks nicer but doesn't seem to be ready for production use, the screencast view in beta mode was way too big.

    Overall I like it as it's easy to use and gets the job done. I have yet to setup w/Jenkins, that's the next stop.

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  • Sauce Labs is a great tool for doing automated testing!

    I originally learned about Sauce through an online web design conference, and have heard many recommendations since. Definitely worth looking into if you're looking for a tool for doing testing at an affordable price. It may seem a bit overwhelming when you first view their site, but their documentation makes it very easy to get started.

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  • Sauce Labs Appium Testing

    Testing on Sauce Labs make my life easy but it is without its caveats.

    Pros: 1) Easy testing against different types of android and iOS devices. 2) After specify settings you can run these in your local environment or in some CI. 3) Has different device skins to help you speed up specifying tests

    Cons: 1) these android and iOS devices are emulated and are not real devices. 2) runs sequential instead of the parallel runs I like to write for my non-App tests. 3) API versions and such combinations seem to be limited, creating the "The Sauce VMs failed to start the browser or device" error fairly often to trouble testers. Documentation did not help much other than telling you to remove settings.

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  • Spiking SauceLabs

    We turned to SauceLabs to make it easier to get Selenium running in Jenkins and their support for different browser and version combinations. We are a Mac shop but IE is a large portion of our user base.

    The setup documents were very clear but I got bogged down in some simple ruby problems. SauceLabs quickly reached out to see how things were going.

    Unfortunately, higher priority stories got unblocked and I haven't had a chance to return.

    It would be great if the trial wasn't 14 calendar days but X session hours or something similar. This would allow me to work on the project time permitting. This would take more elapsed time but a successful demo in three months is going to convince my management much better than my opinion that is the right direction after 14 days.

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  • Fast and stable

    I am very glad to find this solution. Simple, fast and stable. Before it, I used Browserstack for test on iPad and iPhone, but it could always unstable.

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  • My experience with saucelabs

    I searched around some tool to test my website. I just test 3 of theese and to be honest i think saucelabs is maybe the best. The multi tabs works smoothly and it give you options to test you on any device..I am proud about the existence of this site..A real tool for developer.. BTW i have some cons to refer..2 of my tests on ipad and iphone differed when i tested on real devices..And one more general thing is to reduce the delay as possible it is!

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  • Possibly nicer than Selenium itself

    Overall this is a good solution especially if you use Selenium a lot. It is reliable & scalable, so give it a shot and see if you like it.

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  • Manual testing across devices

    I'm using Sauce Labs primarily for manual cross-device and cross-platform testing.

    It allows me to have a wide array of combinations at my disposal almost immediately, which is great (maintaining a suite of browsers myself is a real pain) and it's really speeded up our testing workflow as a result.

    I will say that the VMs are pretty slow at times - there's lag on the mouse movements, which can be annoying, but it's fairly consistent and never really gets in the way.

    The ability to have multiple sessions open in different combinations at once is a real boon (though it's a shame they're not real browser tabs as they'd be easier to manage).

    Overall highly recommended, and eventually I'll be using it for automated testing too (right now our app is testable with mock HTTP simulation at the Ring adapter level).

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  • Reliable for web app testing but need to improve for Native app testing.

    Sauce labs is best for website testing on different browsers or devices.

    But need to improve for mobile application test and Documentation.

    In documentation , there is explanation for Android/IOS app testing.But its too lengthy and not easy to navigate.

    Please provide an example for full Android/IOS application test with explanation of each step so that new user can easily learn it.

    Recorded automated test -> Command -> Player is very slow and need to improve quality.

    Please provide some more latest Android Devices, For Android 5.0 and 5.1 -> there are only one Emulator for it.

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  • SauceLabs - cool!

    Congratulation with your new SauceLabs UI with key aspect on continuous integration! Looks very nice! I've just started to test it!

    In such way you're not far enough to implement release management in your app ;)

    Support team is very helpful! Have few questions to address them and they replied just in few moments! A lot of documentation is also a good spot!

    Thank you & always have easy release on production ;)

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  • Good tool!

    The selection of various OS/Browser is amazing! Our sysadmin definitely will have a headache to setup something like that on our servers. Of course we have different browsers each (FF, GChrome, IE, Safary mostly used..) but it’s only one version each and same OS.

    As long as we need compatibility testing on every 2nd project with web-based app under test - this thing is actual! :)

    So – this is very helpful to have such tool where you can easily select OS+Browser you need to test on!

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  • Manual & Auatomated Testing on Sauce Labs

    Like: Lot's of OS/Browsers for tests, supports all major frameworks. Works great with Jenkins(their Sauce OnDemand plug-in is pretty awesome). Can be used in many ways and very versatile.

    Lots of business problem solved....just having a quick ability to create test environments. That's a big one and Sauce Labs solves that. A realized benefit is having the ability to have videos and screenshots saved of tests.

    Dislike: I would like to see improved would be the performance. Tests run faster locally than they do on Sauce, but if you run your tests in parallel and can have a number of VM's running at the same time then this usually doesn't create much of a problem.

    Other Feedback: You can look at other cloud options like BrowserStack, but they don't give you the same ease of use and support for the price. You can create test agents in your own network, but they you have to constantly maintain each vm or system and that eats up valuable time. It's much easier and price effective to go with Sauce plus you get great support with them when you run into issues.

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  • absolutely great cross browser testing environment

    I was used to another tool that recently switched it's pricing (they doubled). I am glad they did, so I discovered Sauce Labs.

    Although I haven't explored all features yet, I have done some manual browser testings with their VMs.

    It's as simple as you can image. Just choose your URL and your testing systen, and you're done.

    Most attractive value for me: I don't have to watch after the time. The is no time limitation to your account. You can do manual tests with the VM as long as you want.

    Pros: + Pricing + Features + No time limit

    Cons: - TBH, nothing discovered so far

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  • SauceLabs for Crossplatform automation

    I have been using Sauce Labs the last weeks evaluating if we can use it for our CI process and during this weeks that is what I have found:

    Pros: * Easy configuration, our tests are in Ruby and we only have to add a small file with our credentials to everything works as expected. * Good integration with Jenkins and Bamboo. Nothing to do except a curl to update the apk/app * Video on streaming * A very good log system

    Contras: * Only emulators * Slow start, I missed an option to run the tests without video to run the tests faster * I missed a window to manage the files I uploaded.

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  • Simple Use Case

    I use a mac at work and was running virtualBox windows 7 running IE9. My page was not loading correctly. I wasted a good amount of time tracking down a bug for a client. I signed up for sauce labs and within minutes ran the manual test and addressed the problem. This allowed me to get back to our customers even faster with machine specific problems.

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  • We use it to simulate multi browser testing

    Pros: Sauce Labs is great. We use it to run our selenium, karma tests on multiple browsers. We're also testing our code with Flash player, so consistency across multiple browsers is a must. Sauce Labs has a lot of potential.

    Cons: Some minor bugs and sometimes their system is down (but rarely). They reassured me that they will fix this issue asap, so I'm looking forward to the changes.

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  • Sauce Labs with new UI

    I've tried SauceLabs some time ago and it was ok for me. Now with renewed interface it's a bit unclear from the beginning (as I used old version) but after some exploratory - it's very easy to operate with SauceLabs!

    Also support provided I can put a 10! Quick responses and wide detailed documentation makes use of the SauceLabs application more comfortable and nice!

    Nice application!!

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  • A magic stick!

    As a frontend developer I face testing stuff very often. One day I've got tired of countless VMs and decieded to find a better way of testing my works. I tried a couple of web solutions and stayed at the SauceLab. It took only a day to realize all its greatness! Just a few clicks and I have all information (about my bugs ;( ). I can give a hot advice to my teammates even if all I have is an old PC, a friend's Internet connection and a free couple of minutes.

    Testing now is a breeze. Thank you, SauceLab!

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  • Pain less browser execution

    I have been using sauce labs from many years and i have suggested it to many clients for browser compatibility testing. All of my automation frameworks so far developed got integrated with sauce labs.

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  • Good Product, bit Technical

    Sauce Labs is a good product, the manual testing for specific browser types is effective. I have found compared to the likes of Broswerstack, setting up Sauce Labs for local testing and managing emulation sessions can be quick complex and technical to start with. I can understand the need for the technicality and you can pick up and understand the technical points quickly, but this is an area it's lacking behind with it's competitors.

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  • Easy and robust, good for testing

    Sauce Labs is my favorite for testing. The interface is easy to use, so even occasional users, like functional users, can utilize this for cross browser testing.

    On top of being easy to use, this is the among the best because it has a multitude of browsers available (and an interface that allows you to easily select the right combinations of OS and browser). I've tried a few other tools and many didn't have IE11, whereas Sauce Labs did. The other tool I used was Browserstack. But I was able to find image issues using Sauce Labs that did not render in Browserstack.

    SauceLabs is now my go-to.

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  • Best Alternative to Manual VM Testing

    I've tried a few other services for my testing needs in an attempt to free myself from booting up one of many VMs in the collection that used to chew up space on my hard drive. I've also tried browserstack, which is expensive, and also more bloated than it needs to be. That's why I'm impressed with Sauce Lab's manual testing functionality for just about any browser I need. Great stuff!

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  • Sauce Labs renewed!

    Nice and very user friendly UI! I've tried some time ago previous version and can compare. Only Some times elements, like charts, and other complicated UI elements are not loaded so quickly...

    But this depends from browser to browser too! From my experience - best used with GChrome... and in FF SauceLabs app seems fast too ;)

    And support team quickly replied me on that explaining they're working on it! Plus they're planning on adding a ton of useful features in the future.

    Thanks Sauce Labs!

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  • Automation testing with Sauce Labs

    We have a doubt on our Project where we need to test an application for some teachers and students(creating courses, assignments, assessments etc…). And our product owner wanted it to be tested on various versions of Chrome, FF & IE browsers… We had a library with Selenium tests for Regression and that would be enough for the client.

    Sauce Labs helped a lot us to run those Selenium tests so we can provide quick and detailed report to our clients!

    Now we’re exploring different CI integrations with Sauce Labs and will see what is more comfortable to us.

    Thanks a lot for great application!

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  • Follow of new interface

    Follow of new interface is not good at all. The user manuals are not thorough for the beginners. You have search the whole site to reach the desired point.

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  • Additional help in Manual Testing

    What I have used by now with Sauce Labs – testing application under work in different operational systems across different browsers.

    Sauce Labs app provides to choose from iOS/Android/Win/OS X and even Linux 

    So you don’t have to have multiple working machines or virtual ones … to setup windows 7,8, 10 … This is all done for you with very easy and user friendly interface! Our application needs to support different browser types and especcialy there are a lot of IE installed machines on our clients office… And we need to support starting from IE8…

    Plus what I liked – I have possibility to choose different Resolutions! So our site can also be tested from this point of view…

    Great job!

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  • Easiest way to have Protractor tests

    By integrating this with Travis, I could have a easy and reliable way of having e2e tests with protractor without the hassle of configuring a server dedicated for tests. Documentation could be better and online support would be a most since some options are hidden and hard to find.

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  • I wish I knew about it sooner...

    Instead of installing selenium on your server, spending countless hours installing browsers on linux that you'll never need to use, debugging your tests via logs and the cli, worrying about performance and/or it affecting sites/applications you are running.

    Just use sauce labs.

    You change one line in your code to point to their servers, and now you don't have to worry. On top of running your tests, the dashboard is very cool and you can watch the tests back in a video. Wow.

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  • We use it to simulate multi browser testing

    Pros: Sauce Labs is great. We use it to run our selenium, karma tests on multiple browsers. We're also testing our code with Flash player, so consistency across multiple browsers is a must. Sauce Labs has a lot of potential. The support team seems friendly, and they helped me on some questions that I had.

    Cons: Some minor bugs and sometimes their system is down (but rarely). They reassured me that they will fix a particular bug I brought up asap, so I'm looking forward to the changes.

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  • Small team but still needed awesome QA

    We have a very small development team. But at the same time had big concerns about application quality. QA doesn't have to have a size. With Sauce we were able to setup some simple test automation in a day, and can grow in steps towards full automation. It kept our cloud infrastructure cost down so we did not need to scale compute instances to manage a grid. And we did not need to find a testing team, which we would have outsourced. The benefit we did not prepare for is how it fit into our CI process. Their new functionality allows us to kick off tests from GitHub and when things pass do a build. They have better analytics now as well, just wish I could get more via the API. We are big fans.

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  • Sauce Labs Platform saves time and security hassles

    I am just consulting for a startup and they wanted to introduce some test automation. We looked at options available and we came up with three: 1. Use lots of small machine 2. Use dev and QA machine overnight 3. Use AWS VMs 4. Use Sauce Labs

    Considering the set up involved and the cost of new machines, options 1 and 2 were quickly discounted. Option 3 seems attractive in that we had already some test machines saved for QA. But after carefully exploring how much it takes to set up those machines to run the Selenium server for different browser and mobile form factors, we decided that Sauce Labs offers more flexibility and less trouble. One think is still under management consideration: Pricing. We would like something more elastic, where we start with just a few hours and add more capabilities as our company grows. Other than that, Sauce Labs offers the best solution for cross-browser testing.

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  • Saucelabs

    Takes the pain of maintaining envrionments and latest browser versions on different OS out of the equation. However, it can be slow causing timeouts on selenium based tests. Currently looking at ways to make it quicker.

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  • Works fine with integration testing

    I use Sauce Labs' browsers to run browser integration test for my flash bundles. The platform provides a wide range of browser options for different platforms, and I like the fact that I can define the exact version of the platform and browser. It's also great that all browsers come with flash which is something that CodeShip lacks.

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  • Sauce Labs is amazing!!!

    I am new to Web Development but I have a pretty deep knowledge of it. I love how you are given a url/search in the browser (that's in the browser) so that you do not have to start a new test each time you want to test something new. Although, one downside is that not all keyboard strokes register as a I am naturally fast at typing.

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  • Boon for QA

    I had heard about sauce labs alot but recently got a chance to use it for our testing. Things I loved, 1. Easy setup. 2. Easily integrated with our hybrid framework. 3. Great reporting. 4. Videos of the tests. 5. Screenshots. 6. Awesome dashboard.

    I just tried the free trail and trying to convince my manager to buy sauce lab license.

    I liked the free usage for open source projects.

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  • Very usefull tool for Selenium testing

    I started using SauceLabs that needed to automate tests with Selenium, but we have the infrastructure to allow us to run on different platforms. So far we are very happy with the results, it was very easy to integrate test cases that we already had, mun API is simple and the cost is very affordable compared to if we had done us It would be great if allowed store customized information of the steps of the test cases to generate reports of results, but it is something that we can live for the moment and

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  • Blue-Infinity

    Pros Easy to use in Manual Tests

    Cons I use Selenium JUnit to configure Automatic Tests and it's not very easy to make it work, mainly because of timeout issues.

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  • Sauce Labs

    Sauce Labs really gives us a solution that meets all our VM needs no matter what we need to ramp to. Great sales team and highly recommended.

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  • Check the really good trial of SauceLabs

    When I tried saucelabs resources, I have to say that i'm impressed because the service is really good and stable, I put 10 sessions for a couple of hours and all 10 pc service was stable, some VPS service in the market are good but expensive, saucelabs has good resources and cheap price and has a really good trial. check it.

    Pros: 1. Good trial 2. Install and uninstall apps 3. Excellent bandwidth channel 3. Automatic and manual sessions

    Cons: 1. The sessions duration is about 3 hours.

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  • Awesome tool for cross-browser testing !

    We've been working on a Videoplayer, everything was running fine until we started getting reports about an pretty weird floating bug related to Web Animations API, unfortunately it doesn't have full-support yet, and using them was pretty risky. We absolutely could not reproduce the bug, because it was appearing on x browser and y operating system, and there is where SauceLabs help us a lot ! We tested our player on all systems and all browsers provided by SauceLabs, and we located the bug within an half-of-hour ! Thanks SauceLabs, now our development process is moving on !

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  • Good support of emulators with many mobile devices options for manual test

    There was a requirement for the manual testing of mobile devices in our organization in a very effective way. I started exploring sauce labs and it is a fantastic tool. This tool supports both manual and automation testing. As soon as one logs in with their credentials timer starts which made me conscious for the first time as it was just for 10min without performing any test (Once you do any kind of testing there will be more than 50min) in free trail version. But no need to worry as support team always reply for each and every mail of yours.

    Very effective and easy usage tool for manual testing. There no need of any complicated setup. Select the devices from the options and proceed by providing the url/ipa/apk that runs on the emulators

    Note: If one is testing on ipadmini then ipad retina option is suitable

    Disadvantages: Doesn't support pod devices and Motorola TC-55 (As these devices are used in our org)

    Suggestion to the team: Needed more time in trial version to explore

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  • Best tool in the industry

    When I first learned Docker, I immediately set out to build my own "sauce labs," i.e. a dockerized Selenium Grid network that I could harness to fulfill my wildest automated testing dreams. I quickly learned that coding in-house automated Selenium tests for anything more than Chrome + Firefox Selenium webdrivers wasn't worth the investment and cost of maintenance.

    Enter, Sauce Labs. I don't know what magic sauce they pour over their Safari, IE, Edge, and mobile browser drivers, but it works!

    I also love the simplicity in using SauceLabs in CI builds. Simply brilliant.

    The SauceLabs Ruby gems need a lot of work. They appear to be all but abandoned. Owning these would make SauceLabs an absolute delight. Until then, I'll continue to enjoy their exceptional API, UI, and cross-browser/-platform testing services.

    I would recommend SauceLabs over any current competitor, and I can't imagine anyone surpassing SauceLabs.

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