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What is SeaGOAT?

It is a code search engine for the AI age. It is a local search tool that leverages vector embeddings to enable to search your codebase semantically.
SeaGOAT is a tool in the Code Search category of a tech stack.
SeaGOAT is an open source tool with 887 GitHub stars and 51 GitHub forks. Here’s a link to SeaGOAT's open source repository on GitHub

SeaGOAT Integrations

JavaScript, Python, Java, PHP, and TypeScript are some of the popular tools that integrate with SeaGOAT. Here's a list of all 10 tools that integrate with SeaGOAT.

SeaGOAT's Features

  • Executes all functionality locally
  • Heavily relies on vector embeddings and vector databases
  • Designed to allow you to use your computer while processing files

SeaGOAT Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to SeaGOAT?
Sourcegraph is a universal code search tool that lets you find and fix things across ALL your code -- any code host, any repo, any language. Stay in flow and find your answers quickly with smart filters, and more.
FishEye provides a read-only window into your Subversion, Perforce, CVS, Git, and Mercurial repositories, all in one place. Keep a pulse on everything about your code: Visualize and report on activity, integrate source with JIRA issues, and search for commits, files, revisions, or people.
Hound by Etsy
Hound is an extremely fast source code search engine. The core is based on this article (and code) from Russ Cox: Regular Expression Matching with a Trigram Index. Hound itself is a static React frontend that talks to a Go backend. The backend keeps an up-to-date index for each repository and answers searches through a minimal API.
Quod AI
Search engine to find source code across all your Git repositories quickly. Search using keywords, exact code, fuzzy, semantic search & more.
It is an industry-leading semantic code analysis engine that is used to discover vulnerabilities across a codebase. It lets you query code as though it were data. Write a query to find all variants of a vulnerability, eradicating it forever. Then share your query to help others do the same.
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