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What is Shakebug?

It allows you to receive feedback from your beta testers or real users and improve the quality of your application in a simple way. Here users just need to shake their mobile and all the data regarding bugs & crashes can be seen by developers through their log in panel.
Shakebug is a tool in the Bug Reporting category of a tech stack.

Who uses Shakebug?

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Shakebug's Features

  • Bugs reportingCrash reporting
  • Analytics
  • Email integration
  • Data retention
  • Events management

Shakebug Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Shakebug?
BugHerd embeds directly into a website so bugs are flagged and managed visually without the need to fill out lengthy forms. BugHerd also lets your client and stakeholders log bugs visually right from within your website or web application. They never have to switch into another app, and it’s easier and faster than sending an email.
An application security tool built for developers. Automated security bug scanning for the entire dev pipeline. Find, Triage, and Fix.
BugMuncher is the best way for users to give feedback and bug reports on your website. Users can highlight and black out areas of your site, then BugMuncher will create a screen shot and send it directly to you.
Shake SDK
Bug and crash reporting tool for mobile apps that helps users to report issues easier and enables developers to solve them faster. Supports iOS, Android, Flutter, and React Native.
It helps developers build the best software faster. It is your affordable in-app bug reporting tool for apps, websites and industrial applications.
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