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  • Gatsby

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    We use Gatsby.js to render our website server-side for SEO purposes, and blazing fast load times. It also hydrates into a react app, so having dynamic functionality is a breeze.

  • Bootstrap

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    Still the go-to as a responsive toolkit.

  • Create React App

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    We never have to worry about setting up Webpack and other tooling again.

  • Firebase

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    We use Firebase Auth for all authentication, Firestore as a client-side database for saving metadata, and Firebase Hosting for all of our application hosting needs.

  • Sass

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    Still the easiest way to write excellent CSS.

  • React

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    The simplicity, freedom, and power provided by React is unparalleled. All our front-end work is done in React.

  • Google Cloud Functions

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    Running background triggers based on events provides a simple, scalable way to create complex interactions.

  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub

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    Certain events need to both happen asynchronously and also be guaranteed execution even in the face of errors. Pub/Sub accomplishes this miraculous feat.

  • Google Cloud Datastore

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    This is our primary database, though most of our actual data is stored in static storage. This database houses the metadata necessary for indexing and finding static data.

  • Google Cloud Storage

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    All comments, votes, and other actions live here as a highly-scalable, reliable, multi-region storage solution.

  • Google App Engine

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    App engine fills in the gaps in the increasingly smaller case where it's necessary for us to run our own APIs.

  • Firebase

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    When choosing between the Firebase version or the GCP version of tools, we tend to pick the Firebase version, as it's often simpler and nicer to work with.