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What is Singly?

Integrate people’s contacts, photos, locations, fitness data, and more into your app. Fighting with OAuth annoyances, building data crawlers, and juggling rate-limits slow you down and distract you. Singly makes API integration fast, painless, and reliable so you can focus on what you do best. Singly social login simplifies authentication across 35 services, allowing you to leverage any and all of these existing login credentials, providing access to the personal data that the services have been granted from the individual. Singly social sharing unifies sharing APIs making it easy to post out to social networks so your app grows organically. Instead of integrating with every social network’s sharing APIs, just POST once to Singly and specify where you want it to go.
Singly is a tool in the Social API category of a tech stack.

Who uses Singly?


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Pros of Singly
DOA now as Appcelerator
<a href="https://staysuperfit.com/">Very Helpful</a>

Singly's Features

  • Intelligent Friending it lets users find the friends they care about most, by sorting by how often they interact and how closely they are connected, surfacing the most important friends right to the top.
  • Singly Deep Data provides full access to all the data from each service provider, including photos, checkins, statuses, links and more. Query based on location, time or keyword. We provide clean, consistent data formats and deduplicates cross-posts (e.g. Instagram → Twitter).
  • Push Updates- Turn off your crawlers and get new data sent straight to you.
  • Archived data- Keep around API data that otherwise has a shelf life, like a user’s incoming Twitter feed.
  • Intelligent Indexing- Search by Time, Keyword, Location and Participants (liked, tagged, etc.), even if the original API doesn’t.
  • Faster Syncing- New data in minutes, not hours.
  • Social Data for Miles- Pull in data feeds from 18 services and counting for your users and their friends.
  • Aggregation- All of a data type—like photos— in one place, no matter which services they were found on.
  • Deduplication- Did someone post to Tumblr from Instagram and syndicate it to Twitter and Facebook? We got your back.
  • Volume Discounts- Millions of users? Nice work. They don’t have to cost millions of dollars.

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