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  • Testing at Airbnb

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    "There are a ton of excellent strategies for speeding up Rails test suites—aggressive use of stubbing/test doubles, decoupling logic from models, avoiding loading Rails entirely—but given the size of our codebase and the velocity with which we’re moving, most of these weren’t immediately feasible. We needed a build system that would allow us to parallelize our test suite so that the real time taken to run the suite was manageable.

    Our SRE team went through several different continuous integration solutions in the last year before settling on Solano.

    Each of the previous systems had some issue: instability, memory consumption, poor DB management, poor parallelization, painful web UI, you name it. What Solano gives us is an on-premise solution with excellent native support for fanning out tests to multiple threads, running them in parallel, and then assembling the results. It has a great web UI, CLI support, and impressive performance. Since we started using it, our deploy workflow has grown noticeably faster, and the number of wails and anguished GIFs from frustrated engineers is at an all-time low."

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