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What is 1&1?

As a recognized partner of VeriSign®,, ICANN and more; we make domain name registration simple and seamless. Launch your next web project with 1&1 today!

What is DodgerCMS?

DodgerCMS is a static markdown CMS built on top of Amazon S3. It is a clean and simple alternative to heavy content management systems. There are no databases to manage, deployments to monitor, or massive configuration files. Just focus on writing your content and the results are live immediately.

What is OpenLayers?

An opensource javascript library to load, display and render maps from multiple sources on web pages.
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Need advice about which tool to choose?Ask the StackShare community!

Why do developers choose 1&1?
Why do developers choose DodgerCMS?
Why do developers choose OpenLayers?
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          What companies use DodgerCMS?
          What companies use OpenLayers?
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            What tools integrate with 1&1?
            What tools integrate with DodgerCMS?
            What tools integrate with OpenLayers?
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              What are some alternatives to 1&1, DodgerCMS, and OpenLayers?
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              Google Domains
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              Cloudflare Registrar
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              Decisions about 1&1, DodgerCMS, and OpenLayers
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              Interest over time
              Reviews of 1&1, DodgerCMS, and OpenLayers
              Review ofOpenLayersOpenLayers

              The folks behind the maintenance of this library and their dedication to it really pay off. The wealth of comprehensive and up to date documented examples and It allows a singular developer to implement full-featured enterprise-worthy GIS solutions in a short amount of time that stand up to the product heavyweights in the GIS industry. Their ongoing integration with CesiumJS is also noteworthy, and though it takes some time to get immersed in the openlayers development process (the teams continual presence on stack overflow and github is appreciated), the truth is that the waters are shallow though they are wide. Leaflet has it's pros, but the lack of unity among the plugins is an issue for some applications, but Openlayers really does stand alone when it comes to delivering a fully-functional GIS solution application that gets out of your way when you need it to.

              Avatar of ChiruB
              Chief Executive Officer at Foretag
              Review of1&11&1

              The UI is really complicated unnecessarily, the prices are expensive and in some instances you're charged even after you've cancelled your service.

              Stay off.

              How developers use 1&1, DodgerCMS, and OpenLayers
              Avatar of Massimo Floris
              Massimo Floris uses OpenLayersOpenLayers

              Map interactions, and visualization

              How much does 1&1 cost?
              How much does DodgerCMS cost?
              How much does OpenLayers cost?
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