Mentat vs. Kyoto Tycoon vs. ActorDB

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What is Mentat?

Project Mentat is a persistent, embedded knowledge base. It draws heavily on DataScript and Datomic. Mentat is implemented in Rust.

What is Kyoto Tycoon?

Kyoto Tycoon is a lightweight database server with auto expiration mechanism, which is useful to handle cache data and persistent data of various applications. Kyoto Tycoon is also a package of network interface to the DBM called Kyoto Cabinet.

What is ActorDB?

ActorDB is a distributed SQL database... with the scalability of a KV store, while keeping the query capabilities of a relational database. ActorDB is ideal as a server side database for apps.
Why do developers choose Mentat?
Why do you like Mentat?

Why do developers choose Kyoto Tycoon?
Why do you like Kyoto Tycoon?

Why do developers choose ActorDB?
Why do you like ActorDB?

What are the cons of using Mentat?
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Downsides of Mentat?

What are the cons of using Kyoto Tycoon?
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Downsides of Kyoto Tycoon?

What are the cons of using ActorDB?
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Downsides of ActorDB?

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How much does Mentat cost?
How much does Kyoto Tycoon cost?
How much does ActorDB cost?
What companies use Mentat?
4 companies on StackShare use Mentat
What companies use Kyoto Tycoon?
2 companies on StackShare use Kyoto Tycoon
What companies use ActorDB?
0 companies on StackShare use ActorDB
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What tools integrate with Kyoto Tycoon?
2 tools on StackShare integrate with Kyoto Tycoon
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What are some alternatives to Mentat, Kyoto Tycoon, and ActorDB?

  • MySQL - The world's most popular open source database
  • PostgreSQL - A powerful, open source object-relational database system
  • MongoDB - The database for giant ideas
  • MariaDB - An enhanced, drop-in replacement for MySQL

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