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Ahoy vs Keen: What are the differences?

Ahoy: A solid foundation for analytics on Rails. Ahoy provides a solid foundation to track visits and events in Ruby, JavaScript, and native apps; Keen: Keen is the embedded analytics API that makes shipping custom user-facing analytics easy and seamless. Keen is a set of powerful APIs that allow you to collect, analyze, and visualize events from anything connected to the internet. Send all your data – any event, from any source, all the time, any time. Keen IO was specifically built to capture and store event data — those constant little interactions that happen all day, every day, in your apps. Event data can be anything, and Keen IO gives you the ability to grab as much of it as you want, then store it forever on our cloud database.

Ahoy and Keen can be primarily classified as "Custom Analytics" tools.

Ahoy is an open source tool with 2.71K GitHub stars and 267 GitHub forks. Here's a link to Ahoy's open source repository on GitHub.

- No public GitHub repository available -

What is Ahoy?

Ahoy provides a solid foundation to track visits and events in Ruby, JavaScript, and native apps.

What is Keen?

Keen is a powerful set of API's that allow you to stream, store, query, and visualize event-based data. Customer-facing metrics bring SaaS products to the next level with acquiring, engaging, and retaining customers.
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Why do developers choose Ahoy?
Why do developers choose Keen?

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    What are some alternatives to Ahoy and Keen?
    Snowplow is a real-time event data pipeline that lets you track, contextualize, validate and model your customers’ behaviour across your entire digital estate.
    Build dashboards and reports with exactly the metrics you need using plain Python scripts. There is nothing new to learn. Bitdeli keeps your results up to date, no matter how much data you have or how complex your metrics are. Get started in minutes with our growing library of open-source analytics, created by experienced data hackers.
    It is a service for collecting, analyzing and visualizing custom metrics. It can be used to track anything from signups to server response times. Sending events is super simple.
    You can build custom reports or custom dashboards just connect Rakam with third-party tools or join Rakam data with internal data sources. A full stack analytics platform for you, including both backend and frontend.
    Iteratively helps teams capture reliable product analytics they can trust. It eliminates the most common causes of error during the definition and implementation of tracking plans, and cuts down on the time it takes to correctly instrument the product. As a result, folks that consume product analytics get exactly what they spec'd out and can rely on the incoming data knowing it is trustworthy and accurate.
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    Reviews of Ahoy and Keen
    Review ofKeenKeen

    I'm using Keen's Ruby client library to track two different collections of event data, and I'm using their Javascript visualization library to provide white label dashboards for our customers. I like Keen's elegant solution to keep customer X from seeing customer Y's dashboard.

    The service is incredibly easy to use, both from a data collection standpoint and a visualization perspective. I ran into a few snags with the documentation lagging behind the actual code, but I got pretty near real-time support from one of the founders emailing me from 30,000 ft over Thanksgiving weekend.

    The only reason I know about any reliability issues is because Keen emails me whenever anything is degraded or problematic, even if it only lasts a few minutes. They could be a whole lot less transparent and get away with it, but they don't take that short cut.

    Review ofKeenKeen

    We use Keen to analyze transfer logs over at Mover ( Each time a user performs a transfer of files we give Keen a summary of their transfer. At any time, technical and non-technical users on our team can easily pull information out of the datasets we've presented.

    Keen makes it extremely easy to feed data and then ask for useful graphs and formatted information. We wrote a larger review on our blog at

    How developers use Ahoy and Keen
    Avatar of StackShare
    StackShare uses KeenKeen

    I’ve known the Keen IO team since I started working on Leanstack and they’ve been super helpful. Leanstack didn’t have too much use for something like Keen early on. But recently we started talking to vendors that wanted access to basic analytics for their pages (views and clicks). So we started thinking about how we could provide customer-facing dashboards. That’s when Josh over at Keen suggested Keen, and it seemed like a great fit. Not only could we use Keen for external dashboards, but we could use it to get insight into usage for our own purposes.

    At the same time they were working on an open source library called CommonWeb that helps you track everything happening on your site with little-to-no configuration. So we signed up and agreed to be a guinea pig for their new library to see how CommonWeb could help us. It’s been super useful so far. We now know who’s logging in to StackShare, how long they were on the site, and which content they contribute; we have much better insight into funnels, and we’ll soon have dashboards. The Keen team has been great as far as support (thanks Alex!). I think we’re really going to be able to improve the site once we start using the data we’re collecting, super excited about that. We’re definitely going to be using their new open source dashboards.

    Avatar of Jack Littleton
    Jack Littleton uses KeenKeen

    Keen IO allows me to have a big data infrastructure without needing to set up and maintain the hardware and software. Their SDKs (available in many languages, my faves are Python and JavaScript) allow data to be stored, sliced and diced, and then visualized.

    Avatar of Dieter Adriaenssens
    Dieter Adriaenssens uses KeenKeen

    The timing and build data that is generated from the monitored builds is stored in the database using its Python library, the analysis and visualisation Javascript SDK powers the Trends dashboard.

    Avatar of Refractal
    Refractal uses KeenKeen

    Having watched the Keen.IO guys grow their company since it's inception, I think we can safely say that they are one of the best out there in terms of general analytics and storage.

    Avatar of atandy
    atandy uses KeenKeen

    I used Keen because it was an extension that could be added through Heroku. It was very easy to set up application metrics and dashboards with them.

    Avatar of Cyril Duchon-Doris
    Cyril Duchon-Doris uses AhoyAhoy

    Event Tracking, collect all sorts of events that we use for our recommendation system

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