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JS Beautifier
JS Beautifier


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What is amCharts?

amCharts is an advanced charting library that will suit any data visualization need. Our charting solution include Column, Bar, Line, Area, Step, Step without risers, Smoothed line, Candlestick, OHLC, Pie/Donut, Radar/ Polar, XY/Scatter/Bubble, Bullet, Funnel/Pyramid charts as well as Gauges.

What is JS Beautifier?

This little beautifier will reformat and reindent bookmarklets, ugly JavaScript, unpack scripts packed by Dean Edward’s popular packer, as well as deobfuscate scripts processed by

What is Vue.js?

Vue.js is a library for building interactive web interfaces. It provides data-reactive components with a simple and flexible API.

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Why do developers choose JS Beautifier?
Why do developers choose Vue.js?
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What are the cons of using JS Beautifier?
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What companies use JS Beautifier?
What companies use Vue.js?
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What are some alternatives to amCharts, JS Beautifier, and Vue.js?
Prettier is an opinionated code formatter. It enforces a consistent style by parsing your code and re-printing it with its own rules that take the maximum line length into account, wrapping code when necessary.
A JavaScript library that provides a whole mess of useful functional programming helpers without extending any built-in objects.
A JavaScript utility library delivering consistency, modularity, performance, & extras.
Immutable provides Persistent Immutable List, Stack, Map, OrderedMap, Set, OrderedSet and Record. They are highly efficient on modern JavaScript VMs by using structural sharing via hash maps tries and vector tries as popularized by Clojure and Scala, minimizing the need to copy or cache data.
This package implements a general-purpose JavaScript parser/compressor/beautifier toolkit. It is developed on NodeJS, but it should work on any JavaScript platform supporting the CommonJS module system (and if your platform of choice doesn’t support CommonJS, you can easily implement it, or discard the exports.* lines from UglifyJS sources).
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How developers use amCharts, JS Beautifier, and Vue.js
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Andrew Gatenby uses Vue.jsVue.js

We think VueJS is great. It's the main tool used to generate the client-side UI of our updated admin system, as well as being used in other smaller projects. The possibilities that VueJS brings to the table, means that we can quickly create rich and app-like interfaces and experiences.

Avatar of Marc3842h
Marc3842h uses Vue.jsVue.js

Vue.js is used in Kuro (

Kuro is the browser facing portion of shiro. Vue.js is used for rendering the interface of as the frontend is client side rendered.

Avatar of Mick Dekkers
Mick Dekkers uses Vue.jsVue.js

Vue.js is my front-end framework of choice. It's light, fast, and extensible. Its simplicity and reactivity system make it an absolute pleasure to use and it has a wonderful, ever-growing community.

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Flux Work uses Vue.jsVue.js

New and very popular. Less legacy to deal with compared to React. Great documentation. Easy to get started.

Avatar of Fred Steffen
Fred Steffen uses Vue.jsVue.js

It's amazing! Single file components, supports pug and sass, very easy to use, very fast, light weight.

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How much does JS Beautifier cost?
How much does Vue.js cost?
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