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What is SendGrid?

SendGrid's cloud-based email infrastructure relieves businesses of the cost and complexity of maintaining custom email systems. SendGrid provides reliable delivery, scalability and real-time analytics along with flexible API's that make custom integration a breeze.

What is Postmark?

Postmark removes the headaches of delivering and parsing transactional email for webapps with minimal setup time and zero maintenance.

What is

Transactional emails are the forgotten step child of internet marketers. empowers marketers to manage transactional emails themselves, as they would their list based campaigns. Preview, Update, Analyse and Test your transactional email all in one place.
Why do developers choose SendGrid?
Why do you like SendGrid?

Why do developers choose Postmark?
Why do you like Postmark?

Why do developers choose
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What are the cons of using SendGrid?
Downsides of SendGrid?

What are the cons of using Postmark?
Downsides of Postmark?

What are the cons of using
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How much does SendGrid cost?
SendGrid Pricing
How much does Postmark cost?
Postmark Pricing
How much does cost? Pricing
What companies use SendGrid?
2943 companies on StackShare use SendGrid
What companies use Postmark?
84 companies on StackShare use Postmark
What companies use
3 companies on StackShare use
What tools integrate with SendGrid?
39 tools on StackShare integrate with SendGrid
What tools integrate with Postmark?
3 tools on StackShare integrate with Postmark
What tools integrate with
4 tools on StackShare integrate with

What are some alternatives to SendGrid, Postmark, and

  • Mandrill - Send transactional, triggered, and personalized email, then track results.
  • Mailgun - The Email Service for Developers.
  • Amazon SES - Bulk and transactional email-sending service.
  • SparkPost - The most advanced transactional email delivery service in the cloud

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