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What is Appveyor?

AppVeyor aims to give powerful Continuous Integration and Deployment tools to every .NET developer without the hassle of setting up and maintaining their own build server.

What is Buildbot?

BuildBot is a system to automate the compile/test cycle required by most software projects to validate code changes. By automatically rebuilding and testing the tree each time something has changed, build problems are pinpointed quickly, before other developers are inconvenienced by the failure.

What is

Drone is a hosted continuous integration service. It enables you to conveniently set up projects to automatically build, test, and deploy as you make changes to your code. Drone integrates seamlessly with Github, Bitbucket and Google Code as well as third party services such as Heroku, Dotcloud, Google AppEngine and more.
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Why do developers choose Appveyor?
Why do developers choose Buildbot?
Why do developers choose

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        What companies use Buildbot?
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        What are some alternatives to Appveyor, Buildbot, and
        TeamCity is a user-friendly continuous integration (CI) server for professional developers, build engineers, and DevOps. It is trivial to setup and absolutely free for small teams and open source projects.
        In a nutshell Jenkins CI is the leading open-source continuous integration server. Built with Java, it provides over 300 plugins to support building and testing virtually any project.
        Continuous integration and delivery platform helps software teams rapidly release code with confidence by automating the build, test, and deploy process. Offers a modern software development platform that lets teams ramp.
        Travis CI
        Free for open source projects, our CI environment provides multiple runtimes (e.g. Node.js or PHP versions), data stores and so on. Because of this, hosting your project on means you can effortlessly test your library or applications against multiple runtimes and data stores without even having all of them installed locally.
        GitLab CI
        GitLab offers a continuous integration service. If you add a .gitlab-ci.yml file to the root directory of your repository, and configure your GitLab project to use a Runner, then each merge request or push triggers your CI pipeline.
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        Reviews of Appveyor, Buildbot, and
        Review ofAppveyorAppveyor

        Appveyor, is awesome, it provides a lot of functionalities and a reduced price. If you want .NET CI, appveyor is the best option. Ever. Awesome support, easy configuration, private nuget repo included, many integrations, and useful documentation. The only downside is, sometime it's a little bit slow.

        How developers use Appveyor, Buildbot, and
        Avatar of Chris Saylor
        Chris Saylor uses

        Drone acts as our CI service for testing our application. We also use it as a deployment server for building docker images for production once tests pass on the master branch. The docker image acts as a deployment artifact that Convox can use to deploy.

        Our client platform utilizes Electron which is also built and pushed to S3 for download.

        Avatar of Nate Ferrell
        Nate Ferrell uses AppveyorAppveyor

        We use AppVeyor for unit and integration testing of the Vaporshell module for Powershell, as well as deployment on successful tests via PSDeploy

        Avatar of Tristan Bailey
        Tristan Bailey uses

        For testing and building

        Avatar of Valery Sntx
        Valery Sntx uses AppveyorAppveyor

        Continious Integration

        Avatar of Kehao Chen
        Kehao Chen uses

        Continuous integration

        Avatar of WeeBull
        WeeBull uses BuildbotBuildbot

        Continuous Integration

        Avatar of Shiqiang Yu
        Shiqiang Yu uses


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