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What is Artisan Optimize?

Artisan Optimize is the first solution that enables real-time A/B testing of existing native mobile applications without writing code or re-submitting to app stores. Business professionals such as marketers, designers and product managers can now test and optimize designs in a matter of minutes versus weeks with a traditional coding approach. Just like websites, making small changes in mobile app experiences can have big results.

What is Leanplum?

Our integrated solution delivers meaningful engagement across messaging and the in-app experience. We offer Messaging, Automation, App Editing, Personalization, A/B Testing, and Analytics.

What is Taplytics?

Taplytics is a mobile A/B testing service for native apps. By integrating our small SDK in you app, you can run experiments and deploy them to your users without requiring an App Store Update

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Why do developers choose Artisan Optimize?
Why do developers choose Leanplum?
Why do developers choose Taplytics?
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            What companies use Artisan Optimize?
            What companies use Leanplum?
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            What are some alternatives to Artisan Optimize, Leanplum, and Taplytics?
            Arise integrates seamlessly with your app. Arise's SDK for iOS, Android and PhoneGap will never slow down your app.
            Amazon A/B Testing
            Run A/B Tests on the fly without writing client-side code or redeploying your app.
            A/B testing & feature release management for mobile product teams. Know what works before a full release. Test and refine everything in your app. Reduce dependence on developers; accelerate development cycles. Get insights from your users.
            We Drive Mobile Engagement - An integrated mobile marketing automation platform for managing the customer lifecycle on mobile.
            A/B testing with Vessel allows you to deploy any test instantly. You have complete control over each part of the process - from color to messaging to test group size. Vessel offers deep level real-time monitoring so that you're able to learn everything there is to know about user trends and how to increase retention. Each test you deploy will end up with a winning variation.
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            What tools integrate with Artisan Optimize?
            What tools integrate with Leanplum?
            What tools integrate with Taplytics?
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                Reviews of Artisan Optimize, Leanplum, and Taplytics
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                Review ofTaplyticsTaplytics

                We've been using Taplytics for over a year now and couldn't be happier with the progress of their product and where its taken us.

                Taplytics fuels our a/b tests both on iOS and on Android and their ability to do multi-platform tests has brought a great deal of change in the way we think about a/b testing in general.

                They're also great at support :)

                I recommend them wholeheartedly.

                How developers use Artisan Optimize, Leanplum, and Taplytics
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