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What is Atatus?

Atatus is a server and frontend monitoring SaaS, using which you can monitor the performance and track the errors of your app.

What is Qbaka?

Qbaka automatically collects errors without user interation. Whenever error happen, it is collected by Qbaka and developers get maximum helpful data to fix the problem.


Why do developers choose Atatus?
  • Why do you like Atatus?

    Why do developers choose Qbaka?
    Why do you like Qbaka?


    What are the cons of using Atatus?
    No Cons submitted yet for Atatus
    Downsides of Atatus?

    What are the cons of using Qbaka?
    No Cons submitted yet for Qbaka
    Downsides of Qbaka?


    How much does Atatus cost?
    Atatus Pricing
    How much does Qbaka cost?
    Qbaka Pricing


    What companies use Atatus?
    2 companies on StackShare use Atatus
    What companies use Qbaka?
    1 companies on StackShare use Qbaka


    What tools integrate with Atatus?
    16 tools on StackShare integrate with Atatus
    No integrations listed yet

    What is an alternative to Atatus and Qbaka?

    • SpeedCurve - Front-end performance monitoring. It's WebPageTest on steroids!

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