Basecamp vs. iDoneThis

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What is Basecamp?

Basecamp is a project management and group collaboration tool. The tool includes features for schedules, tasks, files, and messages.

What is iDoneThis?

Every evening, iDoneThis sends you an email that asks you what you got done that day. The next morning, we send a digest of what everyone on your team got done the previous day to you and your team members.
Why do developers choose Basecamp?
Why do you like Basecamp?

Why do developers choose iDoneThis?
Why do you like iDoneThis?

What are the cons of using Basecamp?
No Cons submitted yet for Basecamp
Downsides of Basecamp?

What are the cons of using iDoneThis?
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Downsides of iDoneThis?

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How much does Basecamp cost?
Basecamp Pricing
How much does iDoneThis cost?
iDoneThis Pricing
What companies use Basecamp?
148 companies on StackShare use Basecamp
What companies use iDoneThis?
21 companies on StackShare use iDoneThis
What tools integrate with Basecamp?
22 tools on StackShare integrate with Basecamp
What tools integrate with iDoneThis?
11 tools on StackShare integrate with iDoneThis

What are some alternatives to Basecamp and iDoneThis?

  • Trello - Your entire project, in a single glance.
  • Confluence - One place to share, find, and collaborate on information
  • Asana - The easiest way for teams to track their work.
  • Redmine - A flexible project management web application written using Ruby on Rails framework

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