VictorOps vs. Bigpanda vs. Cronitor

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What is VictorOps?

VictorOps is a real-time incident management platform that combines the power of people and data to embolden DevOps teams so they can handle incidents as they occur and prepare for the next one.

What is Bigpanda?

Bigpanda helps you manage and respond to ops incidents faster. All your alerts: organized, assignable, trackable, snoozeable, and updated in real-time.

What is Cronitor?

Monitoring systems are often complex and require a strong sysadmin background to properly configure and maintain. Cronitor replaces all this with a simple service that anyone can set up. Receive email/sms notifications if your jobs don't run, run too slow, or finish too quickly.


Why do developers choose VictorOps?
Why do you like VictorOps?

Why do developers choose Bigpanda?
Why do you like Bigpanda?

Why do developers choose Cronitor?
Why do you like Cronitor?


How much does VictorOps cost?
VictorOps Pricing
How much does Bigpanda cost?
How much does Cronitor cost?
Cronitor Pricing


What companies use VictorOps?
16 companies on StackShare use VictorOps
What companies use Bigpanda?
1 companies on StackShare use Bigpanda
What companies use Cronitor?
5 companies on StackShare use Cronitor


What tools integrate with VictorOps?
41 tools on StackShare integrate with VictorOps
What tools integrate with Bigpanda?
12 tools on StackShare integrate with Bigpanda
What tools integrate with Cronitor?
3 tools on StackShare integrate with Cronitor

What are some alternatives to VictorOps, Bigpanda, and Cronitor?

  • PagerDuty - Incident management with powerful visibility, reliable alerting, and improved collaboration
  • OpsGenie - Alerting and On-Call Management for Dev&Ops Teams
  • - Cron Monitoring. Get Notified When Your Cron Jobs Fail.

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