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What is Blossom?

A very lightweight agile/lean project management tool.

What is RocketChat?

Rocket.Chat is a Web Chat Server, developed in JavaScript, using the Meteor fullstack framework. It is a great solution for communities and companies wanting to privately host their own chat service or for developers looking forward to build and evolve their own chat platforms.

What is Zulip?

Zulip is powerful, open source team chat that combines the immediacy of real-time chat with the productivity benefits of threaded conversations. Zulip allows busy managers and others in meetings all day to participate in their teams chats.
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Need advice about which tool to choose?Ask the StackShare community!

Why do developers choose Blossom?
Why do developers choose RocketChat?
Why do developers choose Zulip?

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        What companies use Blossom?
        What companies use RocketChat?
        What companies use Zulip?

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        What tools integrate with Blossom?
        What tools integrate with RocketChat?
        What tools integrate with Zulip?

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        What are some alternatives to Blossom, RocketChat, and Zulip?
        Pivotal Tracker
        It is a collaborative, lightweight agile project management tool, brought to you by the experts in agile software development.
        Taiga is a project management platform for startups and agile developers & designers who want a simple, beautiful tool that makes work truly enjoyable. Over 55,000 developers & designers and over 52,0000 projects in first 10 months.
        Targetprocess is an agile project management software that focuses on information visualization and freedom. It helps to track projects using Scrum, Kanban or other agile practices. is an innovative new way to manage products.
        Kanban Tool
        Kanban Tool is an intuitive solution used for visual project management and process work flow management with seamless time tracking and time reports. It allows to visualize workflow, manage tasks and projects with online Kanban boards and cards.
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        Reviews of Blossom, RocketChat, and Zulip
        Review ofZulipZulip

        Zulip is a great open source real-time chat solution with good integrations. The documentation is really well made and it's available for on-premise deployment which is a great plus.

        Review ofZulipZulip

        zulip is the best softwre develpoment method. They do many things for beginner programmers. It is really good.

        How developers use Blossom, RocketChat, and Zulip
        Avatar of Viraat Chandra
        Viraat Chandra uses ZulipZulip

        Open source, well Integrated, welcoming community, plethora of features, intuitive design, cross platform nature and easy extensibility make this one of the best collaboration tools out there. No distractions, god sent features like Makdown, streams, topics, bots, integrations... the complete package.

        Avatar of MadElf1337
        MadElf1337 uses ZulipZulip

        I Use Zulip as it is a very powerfu group chat & Is fille d with apps from every available platform. Not to mention that I got addicted to Open-Source Software because of them. Really Helpful Tool

        Avatar of Sodep
        Sodep uses RocketChatRocketChat

        Perfect solution for rich content group chat plus self hosted secure IM solution.

        Avatar of The Doodle
        The Doodle uses ZulipZulip

        its a great tool for bussiness development and business advertiseements

        Avatar of Ivche1337
        Ivche1337 uses ZulipZulip

        Because it's a cool open source chat and has cool featueres

        Avatar of Shiqiang Yu
        Shiqiang Yu uses RocketChatRocketChat

        Inform when CI/CD and live demo is up

        Avatar of Aditya Chaurasia
        Aditya Chaurasia uses ZulipZulip

        It's brilliant!

        Avatar of lispur
        lispur uses BlossomBlossom

        Kanban board.

        How much does Blossom cost?
        How much does RocketChat cost?
        How much does Zulip cost?
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