Google Drive vs. C# vs. Go

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What is Google Drive?

The Drive SDK gives you a group of APIs along with client libraries, language-specific examples, and documentation to help you develop apps that integrate with Drive. The core functionality of Drive apps is to download and upload files in Google Drive. However, the Drive SDK provides a lot more than just storage.

What is C#?

C# (pronounced "See Sharp") is a simple, modern, object-oriented, and type-safe programming language. C# has its roots in the C family of languages and will be immediately familiar to C, C++, Java, and JavaScript programmers.

What is Go?

Go is expressive, concise, clean, and efficient. Its concurrency mechanisms make it easy to write programs that get the most out of multicore and networked machines, while its novel type system enables flexible and modular program construction. Go compiles quickly to machine code yet has the convenience of garbage collection and the power of run-time reflection. It's a fast, statically typed, compiled language that feels like a dynamically typed, interpreted language.

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Why do developers choose Google Drive?
Why do you like Google Drive?

Why do developers choose C#?
Why do you like C#?

Why do developers choose Go?
Why do you like Go?


What are the cons of using Google Drive?
Downsides of Google Drive?

What are the cons of using C#?
Downsides of C#?

What are the cons of using Go?
Downsides of Go?


How much does Google Drive cost?
How much does C# cost?
How much does Go cost?


What companies use Google Drive?
2369 companies on StackShare use Google Drive
What companies use C#?
852 companies on StackShare use C#
What companies use Go?
995 companies on StackShare use Go


What tools integrate with Google Drive?
36 tools on StackShare integrate with Google Drive
What tools integrate with C#?
14 tools on StackShare integrate with C#
What tools integrate with Go?
53 tools on StackShare integrate with Go

What are some alternatives to Google Drive, C#, and Go?

  • Dropbox - Build the power of Dropbox into your apps
  • Box - Build Innovative Applications on Box
  • Dropmark - Dead simple collaboration in the cloud.
  • Amium - Turn any file into a real-time activity feed and conversation

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