CDAP vs. Pachyderm vs. Pig

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What is CDAP?

Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP) is an open source application development platform for the Hadoop ecosystem that provides developers with data and application virtualization to accelerate application development, address a broader range of real-time and batch use cases, and deploy applications into production while satisfying enterprise requirements.

What is Pachyderm?

Pachyderm is an open source MapReduce engine that uses Docker containers for distributed computations.

What is Pig?

Pig is a dataflow programming environment for processing very large files. Pig's language is called Pig Latin. A Pig Latin program consists of a directed acyclic graph where each node represents an operation that transforms data. Operations are of two flavors: (1) relational-algebra style operations such as join, filter, project; (2) functional-programming style operators such as map, reduce.

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Why do developers choose CDAP?
Why do you like CDAP?

Why do developers choose Pachyderm?
Why do you like Pachyderm?

Why do developers choose Pig?
Why do you like Pig?


What are the cons of using CDAP?
No Cons submitted yet for CDAP
Downsides of CDAP?

What are the cons of using Pachyderm?
No Cons submitted yet for Pachyderm
Downsides of Pachyderm?

What are the cons of using Pig?
No Cons submitted yet for Pig
Downsides of Pig?


How much does CDAP cost?
How much does Pachyderm cost?
How much does Pig cost?


What companies use CDAP?
2 companies on StackShare use CDAP
What companies use Pachyderm?
2 companies on StackShare use Pachyderm
What companies use Pig?
10 companies on StackShare use Pig


What tools integrate with CDAP?
1 tools on StackShare integrate with CDAP
What tools integrate with Pachyderm?
4 tools on StackShare integrate with Pachyderm
What tools integrate with Pig?
1 tools on StackShare integrate with Pig

What are some alternatives to CDAP, Pachyderm, and Pig?

  • Apache Spark - Fast and general engine for large-scale data processing
  • Apache Flink - Fast and reliable large-scale data processing engine
  • Druid - Fast column-oriented distributed data store
  • Presto - Distributed SQL Query Engine for Big Data (by Facebook)

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