Reapp vs. ChocolateChip-UI

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What is Reapp?

Reapp is everything you need to build amazing apps with React: a collection of packages that work together, our UI kit, and a CLI that scaffolds your app and includes a server and build system.

What is ChocolateChip-UI?

ChocolateChip-UI is a framework for making mobile Web apps. It has three components: semantic HTML5 markup, CSS and JavaScript.


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What are some alternatives to Reapp and ChocolateChip-UI?

  • jQuery Mobile - Touch-Optimized Web Framework for Smartphones & Tablets
  • Render - React-inspired Swift library for writing UIKit UIs
  • Ratchet - Build mobile apps with simple HTML, CSS, and JS components.
  • Classy - Expressive, flexible, and powerful stylesheets for native iOS apps

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