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What is Less?

Less is a CSS pre-processor, meaning that it extends the CSS language, adding features that allow variables, mixins, functions and many other techniques that allow you to make CSS that is more maintainable, themable and extendable.

What is PostCSS?

PostCSS is a tool for transforming CSS with JS plugins. These plugins can support variables and mixins, transpile future CSS syntax, inline images, and more.

What is Compass?

The compass core framework is a design-agnostic framework that provides common code that would otherwise be duplicated across other frameworks and extensions.

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Why do developers choose Less?
  • Why do you like Less?

    Why do developers choose PostCSS?
    Why do you like PostCSS?

    Why do developers choose Compass?
    Why do you like Compass?


    What are the cons of using Less?
    No Cons submitted yet for Less
    Downsides of Less?

    What are the cons of using PostCSS?
    No Cons submitted yet for PostCSS
    Downsides of PostCSS?

    What are the cons of using Compass?
    No Cons submitted yet for Compass
    Downsides of Compass?


    How much does Less cost?
    How much does PostCSS cost?
    How much does Compass cost?


    What companies use Less?
    489 companies on StackShare use Less
    What companies use PostCSS?
    59 companies on StackShare use PostCSS
    What companies use Compass?
    90 companies on StackShare use Compass


    No integrations listed yet
    What tools integrate with PostCSS?
    1 tools on StackShare integrate with PostCSS
    What tools integrate with Compass?
    2 tools on StackShare integrate with Compass

    What are some alternatives to Less, PostCSS, and Compass?

    • Sass - Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets
    • Stylus - Expressive, robust, feature-rich CSS language built for nodejs
    • Bourbon - A lightweight mixin library for Sass
    • PurifyCSS - Remove unused CSS. Also works with single-page apps.

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