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What is Compass?

The compass core framework is a design-agnostic framework that provides common code that would otherwise be duplicated across other frameworks and extensions.

What is Less?

Less is a CSS pre-processor, meaning that it extends the CSS language, adding features that allow variables, mixins, functions and many other techniques that allow you to make CSS that is more maintainable, themable and extendable.

What is PurifyCSS?

Remove unused CSS. Also works with single-page apps.
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Why do developers choose Compass?
Why do developers choose Less?
Why do developers choose PurifyCSS?
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    What are the cons of using Compass?
    What are the cons of using Less?
    What are the cons of using PurifyCSS?
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          What companies use Compass?
          What companies use Less?
          What companies use PurifyCSS?

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          What tools integrate with Compass?
          What tools integrate with Less?
          What tools integrate with PurifyCSS?
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            What are some alternatives to Compass, Less, and PurifyCSS?
            Cherokee is highly efficient, extremely lightweight and provides rock solid stability. Among its many features there is one that deserves special credit: a user friendly interface called cherokee-admin that is provided for a no-hassle configuration of every single feature of the server.
            Sass is an extension of CSS3, adding nested rules, variables, mixins, selector inheritance, and more. It's translated to well-formatted, standard CSS using the command line tool or a web-framework plugin.
            It is a bunch of cool, fun, and cross-browser animations for you to use in your projects. Great for emphasis, home pages, sliders, and general just-add-water-awesomeness.
            PostCSS is a tool for transforming CSS with JS plugins. These plugins can support variables and mixins, transpile future CSS syntax, inline images, and more.
            Stylus is a revolutionary new language, providing an efficient, dynamic, and expressive way to generate CSS. Supporting both an indented syntax and regular CSS style.
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            Decisions about Compass, Less, and PurifyCSS
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            Interest over time
            Reviews of Compass, Less, and PurifyCSS
            Review ofLessLess

            Absolutely fantastic, not only does it allow for modularity but it is armed with the most useful features like colour operations and nested styles to make you achive more by writing LESS.

            How developers use Compass, Less, and PurifyCSS
            Avatar of papaver
            papaver uses LessLess

            love me some less. been less styling for around 3 years. makes working with bootstrap and responsive website a breeze. so much power in the language.

            Avatar of Romans Malinovskis
            Romans Malinovskis uses LessLess
            Avatar of Giovanni Candido da Silva
            Giovanni Candido da Silva uses LessLess

            Customise the UIkit Front-End Framework, because of that is used to create the application CSS. I prefer SASS but is equivalent.

            Avatar of AmericanBibleSociety
            AmericanBibleSociety uses CompassCompass

            Sass library that was originally used on the current JourneyMaker app. We've been slowly removing it from the front end.

            Avatar of BrizTech Ltd.
            BrizTech Ltd. uses LessLess

            CSS Preprocessor, used primarily for variables to ensure brand colour continuity.

            Avatar of CodeBee
            CodeBee uses LessLess

            We use Less to organize our CSS code with imports, variables, mixins, and more.

            Avatar of OnlineCity
            OnlineCity uses CompassCompass

            We build our SASS-based CSS with Compass

            How much does Compass cost?
            How much does Less cost?
            How much does PurifyCSS cost?
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