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What is Structr?

Structr (pronounce it like 'structure') is a Java framework for mobile and web applications based on the graph database Neo4j. It was designed to simplify the creation of complex graph database applications by providing a comprehensive Java API and a set of features common to most use cases. This enables developers to build a sophisticated web or mobile app based on Neo4j within hours.

What is Craft?

Craft is a content management system (CMS) that’s laser-focused on doing one thing really, really well: managing content.

What is Joomla!?

Joomla is a simple and powerful web server application and it requires a server with PHP and either MySQL, PostgreSQL, or SQL Server to run it.

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Why do developers choose Structr?
Why do you like Structr?

Why do developers choose Craft?
Why do you like Craft?

Why do developers choose Joomla!?
Why do you like Joomla!?


What are the cons of using Structr?
No Cons submitted yet for Structr
Downsides of Structr?

What are the cons of using Craft?
No Cons submitted yet for Craft
Downsides of Craft?

What are the cons of using Joomla!?
No Cons submitted yet for Joomla!
Downsides of Joomla!?


How much does Structr cost?
How much does Craft cost?
Craft Pricing
How much does Joomla! cost?


What companies use Structr?
0 companies on StackShare use Structr
What companies use Craft?
41 companies on StackShare use Craft
What companies use Joomla!?
131 companies on StackShare use Joomla!


What tools integrate with Structr?
1 tools on StackShare integrate with Structr
What tools integrate with Craft?
5 tools on StackShare integrate with Craft
What tools integrate with Joomla!?
7 tools on StackShare integrate with Joomla!

What are some alternatives to Structr, Craft, and Joomla!?

  • WordPress - A semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.
  • Drupal - Free, Open, Modular CMS written in PHP
  • Ghost - Just a blogging platform
  • OctoberCMS - Open-source, self-hosted CMS platform based on the Laravel PHP Framework

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