CrossBrowserTesting  vs LambdaTest

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Pros of CrossBrowserTesting
Pros of LambdaTest
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      Pocket friendly pricing
    • 10
      Good Performance
    • 10
      Integration with Gitlab
    • 10
      Integration with Bitbucket
    • 9
      Integration with Slack
    • 9
      Integration with Asana
    • 9
      Integration with GitHub
    • 9
      Integration with Jira
    • 9
      Great support
    • 9
      Cross browser testing
    • 9
      Integration with Trello
    • 8
      Clean UI and Easy to use
    • 7
      Pre-installed developer tools
    • 7
      Integration with Hive
    • 7
      IE and Edge support
    • 5
      Local app testing
    • 4
      Integration with VSTS
    • 4
      Integration with Teamwork
    • 4
      Multiple Browsers
    • 3
      Real time testing feature is flawless
    • 2
      Faster Speed
    • 2
      Selenium automation
    • 2
      Up-to-date Browser collection
    • 1
      Robust Selenium Grid
    • 1
      24/7 Customer Chat Support

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    What is CrossBrowserTesting ?

    It's implemented to ensure a website's functionality and design and includes testing a range of devices and operating systems being used in the market and customer base.

    What is LambdaTest?

    LambdaTest is a highly scalable testing platform on cloud. Mainly it provides Selenium Automation Grid with 2000+ browser-OS combinations, Cypress CLI test coverage to 40+ browser versions, and Mobile app testing infrastructure.

    Need advice about which tool to choose?Ask the StackShare community!

    What companies use CrossBrowserTesting ?
    What companies use LambdaTest?
    See which teams inside your own company are using CrossBrowserTesting or LambdaTest.
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    What tools integrate with CrossBrowserTesting ?
    What tools integrate with LambdaTest?

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    What are some alternatives to CrossBrowserTesting and LambdaTest?
    BrowserStack is a leading software testing platform for developers to comprehensively test their websites and mobile applications across 2,000+ real browsers and devices in a single cloud platform—and at scale.
    It is an automated UI testing tool that makes it fast and easy to create, maintain, and execute functional tests across desktop, web, and mobile applications. With TestComplete, you can increase test coverage and ensure you ship high-quality, battle-tested software
    Selenium automates browsers. That's it! What you do with that power is entirely up to you. Primarily, it is for automating web applications for testing purposes, but is certainly not limited to just that. Boring web-based administration tasks can (and should!) also be automated as well.
    Karma is not a testing framework, nor an assertion library. Karma just launches a HTTP server, and generates the test runner HTML file you probably already know from your favourite testing framework. So for testing purposes you can use pretty much anything you like.
    Sauce Labs
    Cloud-based automated testing platform enables developers and QEs to perform functional, JavaScript unit, and manual tests with Selenium or Appium on web and mobile apps. Videos and screenshots for easy debugging. Secure and CI-ready.
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