New Relic vs. Datadog vs. Opsmatic

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What is New Relic?

New Relic is the all-in-one web application performance tool that lets you see performance from the end user experience, through servers, and down to the line of application code.

What is Datadog?

Datadog is the leading service for cloud-scale monitoring. It is used by IT, operations, and development teams who build and operate applications that run on dynamic or hybrid cloud infrastructure. Start monitoring in minutes with Datadog!

What is Opsmatic?

Configuration monitoring with automatic drift detection. Tools to compare host states and visualize activity, helping you solve problems faster. Shared visibility for your entire technical team.

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Why do developers choose New Relic?
Why do you like New Relic?

Why do developers choose Datadog?
Why do you like Datadog?

Why do developers choose Opsmatic?
Why do you like Opsmatic?

What are the cons of using New Relic?
Downsides of New Relic?

What are the cons of using Datadog?
Downsides of Datadog?

What are the cons of using Opsmatic?
No Cons submitted yet for Opsmatic
Downsides of Opsmatic?

How much does New Relic cost?
New Relic Pricing
How much does Datadog cost?
Datadog Pricing
How much does Opsmatic cost?
Opsmatic Pricing
What companies use New Relic?
3646 companies on StackShare use New Relic
What companies use Datadog?
596 companies on StackShare use Datadog
What companies use Opsmatic?
3 companies on StackShare use Opsmatic
What tools integrate with New Relic?
73 tools on StackShare integrate with New Relic
What tools integrate with Datadog?
104 tools on StackShare integrate with Datadog
What tools integrate with Opsmatic?
8 tools on StackShare integrate with Opsmatic

What are some alternatives to New Relic, Datadog, and Opsmatic?

  • Librato - Real-Time Cloud Monitoring
  • Skylight - The smart profiler for your Rails apps
  • AppDynamics - Application management for the cloud generation
  • AppSignal - Monitoring for Ruby. We'll make your app run smoother.

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