Elasticsearch vs. Disqus vs. Dejavu

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What is Elasticsearch?

Elasticsearch is a distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine capable of storing data and searching it in near real time. Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats and Logstash are the Elastic Stack (sometimes called the ELK Stack).

What is Disqus?

Disqus looks to make it very easy and rewarding for people to interact on websites using its system. Commenters can build reputation and carry their contributions from one website to the next.

What is Dejavu?

dejaVu fits the unmet need of being a hackable data browser for Elasticsearch. Existing browsers were either built with a legacy UI and had a lacking user experience or used server side rendering (I am looking at you, Kibana).
Why do developers choose Elasticsearch?
Why do you like Elasticsearch?

Why do developers choose Disqus?
Why do you like Disqus?

Why do developers choose Dejavu?
Why do you like Dejavu?

What are the cons of using Elasticsearch?
Downsides of Elasticsearch?

What are the cons of using Disqus?
Downsides of Disqus?

What are the cons of using Dejavu?
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Downsides of Dejavu?