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What is Distelli?

Build, test, and deploy your code from GitHub and BitBucket (or no repository at all) to any server in the world regardless of provider. Distelli customers iterate and ship faster with complete transparency.

What is Keywhiz?

Keywhiz is a secret management and distribution service that is now available for everyone. Keywhiz helps us with infrastructure secrets, including TLS certificates and keys, GPG keyrings, symmetric keys, database credentials, API tokens, and SSH keys for external services — and even some non-secrets like TLS trust stores. Automation with Keywhiz allows us to seamlessly distribute and generate the necessary secrets for our services, which provides a consistent and secure environment, and ultimately helps us ship faster.

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Why do developers choose Keywhiz?
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What are some alternatives to Distelli and Keywhiz?
In a nutshell Jenkins CI is the leading open-source continuous integration server. Built with Java, it provides over 300 plugins to support building and testing virtually any project.
Chef enables you to manage and scale cloud infrastructure with no downtime or interruptions. Freely move applications and configurations from one cloud to another. Chef is integrated with all major cloud providers including Amazon EC2, VMWare, IBM Smartcloud, Rackspace, OpenStack, Windows Azure, HP Cloud, Google Compute Engine, Joyent Cloud and others.
Octopus Deploy
Octopus works with your build server to enable reliable, secure, automated releases of ASP.NET applications and Windows Services into test, staging and production environments, whether they are in the cloud or on-premises.
AWS CodeDeploy
AWS CodeDeploy is a service that automates code deployments to Amazon EC2 instances. AWS CodeDeploy makes it easier for you to rapidly release new features, helps you avoid downtime during deployment, and handles the complexity of updating your applications.
Laravel Forge
Provision, host, and deploy PHP applications on AWS, DigitalOcean, and Linode.
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Reviews of Distelli and Keywhiz
Avatar of sharatvisweswara
Director of Engineering @Evocalize at Evocalize
Review ofDistelliDistelli

We use Distelli to build and deploy all our Java apps, and plan to use it for upcoming Node.js apps as well.

The Distelli agent and CLI are easy to install and setup.

The manifest file can be dead simple for basic use cases, or as complex as I need it to be for other cases. They provide tons of examples.

The Distelli web interface is well designed and responsive. Pipelines in particular is fantastic: I can visualize and shepherd my releases through various stages with minimal effort.

Their documentation is comprehensive.

All my support requests have been resolved quickly to my satisfaction, sometimes within the hour.

The Distelli team has solid technical chops and a passion for dev-ops; I look forward to seeing more innovation from them.

Overall, I have not found a build and deployment solution that is as easy to setup or works as reliably. I'm very happy with Distelli.

Review ofDistelliDistelli

Our small startup does not have dedicated dev ops and hence we do not have a complicated setup to ease deployments and other ops tasks. Distelli has has made our life super easy. Before this we used to tar and push to s3, but there was no way to rollback, track bugs etc. Distelli's simplicity makes it real easy for a new engineer to get ramped up pity quick and eliminate any possibility of human error and bad deployments.

Best part about distelli is their support team, at times we have mailed them even on Sunday night and every time we got the response in no more than 30 min.

However distelli does update there agent quite often and it gets a little difficult to keep the latest version on the AMI, hence depriving us of the most recent features and bug fixes.

Review ofDistelliDistelli

We started using Distelli after living with Capistrano for a while. Its first major benefit for us is really fast rollback. When someone deploys a buggy build (it happens!) we can roll back in a matter of minutes or less. Pretty great.

Another benefit is the configurability. Their "distelli-manifest.yml" file allows you to easily declare whatever commands you want to run before and after release, as well as whitelist and blacklist files--keeping your deploys nice and trim.

Like any young company, they've had some issues, but they've always worked hard to resolve them, and usually do so very quickly. They also listen to our feature requests and usually eventually implement them.

Avatar of Hoverstat
Chief Technology Officer at HoverStat
Review ofDistelliDistelli

While struggling with out-dated CI technology, I stumbled across Distelli. In minutes, I was able to configure and launch their platform and had production and development environments live. Distelli offers very basic build and deploy with minimal configuration or support for advanced setups with custom procedures and flexible configurations. They provide live feedback on system health and deployment status alongside management tools for controlling what versions are deployed where. Distelli's interface is very responsive and easy on the eyes. I recommend trying them out.

Review ofDistelliDistelli

Our team has been using Distelli for over a year and it has streamlined our deploy process, making deployments smoother, faster, and more reliable. I found the WebUI somewhat difficult to navigate at first, but once you know where to find what you need the app is easy to use.

Support from the Distelli team is responsive, attentive, and actively looking for ways to improve the product. I never felt like I was left in the dark about any issue that I brought up, and every issue that arose was met with an inquisitive persistence until it was resolved.

How developers use Distelli and Keywhiz
Avatar of Sharat Visweswara
Sharat Visweswara uses DistelliDistelli

We build, test and deploy our entire stack using Distelli.

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