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What is Test Kitchen?

Test Kitchen has a static, declarative configuration in a .kitchen.yml file at the root of your project. It is designed to execute isolated code run in pristine environments ensuring that no prior state exists. A plugin architecture gives you the freedom to run your code on any cloud, virtualization, or bare metal resources and allows you to write acceptance criteria in whatever framework you desire.

What is DotCi?

DotCi is a Jenkins plugin created by Groupon that makes job management easy with built-in GitHub integration, push-button job creation, and YAML powered build configuration and customization. It comes prepackaged with Docker support as well, which means bootstrapping a new build environment from scratch can take as little as 15 minutes. DotCi has been a critical tool for Groupon internally for managing build and release pipelines for the wide variety of technologies in their SOA landscape.

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