Postico vs. Apache Drill vs. MySQL Performance Analyzer

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What is Postico?

Postico provides an easy to use interface, making Postgres more accessible for newcomers and specialists alike. Postico will look familiar to anyone who has used a Mac before. Just connect to a database and begin working with tables and views. Start with the basics and learn about advanced features of PostgreSQL as you go along.

What is Apache Drill?

Apache Drill is a distributed MPP query layer that supports SQL and alternative query languages against NoSQL and Hadoop data storage systems. It was inspired in part by Google's Dremel.

What is MySQL Performance Analyzer?

MySQL Performance Analyzer is an open source project for MySQL performance monitoring and analysis.

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1 Companies Using MySQL Performance Analyzer


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What are some alternatives to Postico, Apache Drill, and MySQL Performance Analyzer?

  • Sequel Pro - MySQL database management for Mac OS X
  • PostGIS - Open source spatial database
  • Open PostgreSQL Monitoring - Oversee and Manage Your PostgreSQL Servers
  • Liquibase - Source control for your database

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