Riot vs. Preact vs. Flight

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What is Riot?

Riot brings custom tags to all browsers. Think React + Polymer but with enjoyable syntax and a small learning curve.

What is Preact?

Preact is an attempt to recreate the core value proposition of React (or similar libraries like Mithril) using as little code as possible, with first-class support for ES2015. Currently the library is around 3kb (minified & gzipped).

What is Flight?

Flight is distinct from existing frameworks in that it doesn't prescribe or provide any particular approach to rendering or providing data to a web application. It's agnostic to how requests are routed, which templating language you use or even if you render your HTML on the client or the server. While some web frameworks encourage developers to arrange their code around a prescribed model layer, Flight is organized around the existing DOM model with functionality mapped directly to DOM nodes.
Why do developers choose Riot?
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Why do developers choose Preact?
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Why do developers choose Flight?
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What are the cons of using Riot?
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Downsides of Riot?

What are the cons of using Preact?
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Downsides of Preact?

What are the cons of using Flight?
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Downsides of Flight?

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How much does Riot cost?
How much does Preact cost?
How much does Flight cost?
What companies use Riot?
14 companies on StackShare use Riot
What companies use Preact?
12 companies on StackShare use Preact
What companies use Flight?
6 companies on StackShare use Flight
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What tools integrate with Preact?
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What are some alternatives to Riot, Preact, and Flight?

  • React - A JavaScript library for building user interfaces
  • jQuery - The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library.
  • AngularJS - Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework
  • Vue.js - Reactive Components for Modern Web Interfaces

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