Gitcolony vs. Scrutinizer

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What is Gitcolony?

Gitcolony encourages developers to share early feedback, do partial reviews, reduce rework and leverage the knowledge of the whole group. Teams become more efficient by adding visibility to the process.

What is Scrutinizer?

Scrutinizer is a continuous inspection platform helping you to create better software.


Why do developers choose Gitcolony?
Why do you like Gitcolony?

Why do developers choose Scrutinizer?
Why do you like Scrutinizer?


What are the cons of using Gitcolony?
No Cons submitted yet for Gitcolony
Downsides of Gitcolony?

What are the cons of using Scrutinizer?
No Cons submitted yet for Scrutinizer
Downsides of Scrutinizer?


How much does Gitcolony cost?
Gitcolony Pricing
How much does Scrutinizer cost?


What companies use Gitcolony?
0 companies on StackShare use Gitcolony
What companies use Scrutinizer?
16 companies on StackShare use Scrutinizer


What tools integrate with Gitcolony?
8 tools on StackShare integrate with Gitcolony
What tools integrate with Scrutinizer?
2 tools on StackShare integrate with Scrutinizer

What are some alternatives to Gitcolony and Scrutinizer?

  • ESLint - The fully pluggable JavaScript code quality tool
  • Code Climate - Automated Ruby Code Review
  • SonarQube - Continuous Code Quality
  • Codacy - Automated Code Review

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