Periscope vs. GoodData

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What is Periscope?

Periscope is a data analysis tool that uses pre-emptive in-memory caching and statistical sampling to run data analyses really, really fast.

What is GoodData?

Get a closer look at all your business data at the same time so you can gain actionable insight into sales, marketing, customer engagement and more.
Why do developers choose Periscope?
Why do you like Periscope?

Why do developers choose GoodData?
Why do you like GoodData?

What are the cons of using Periscope?
No Cons submitted yet for Periscope
Downsides of Periscope?

What are the cons of using GoodData?
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Downsides of GoodData?

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How much does Periscope cost?
How much does GoodData cost?
What companies use Periscope?
20 companies on StackShare use Periscope
What companies use GoodData?
9 companies on StackShare use GoodData
What tools integrate with Periscope?
3 tools on StackShare integrate with Periscope
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What are some alternatives to Periscope and GoodData?

  • Metabase - An open-source business intelligence tool
  • Tableau - Tableau helps people see and understand data.
  • Looker - Pioneering the next generation of BI, data discovery & data analytics
  • Redash - Easily query an existing database, share the dataset and visualize it in different ways

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