Google Kubernetes Engine vs. Joyent Triton vs. Orchard

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What is Google Kubernetes Engine?

Container Engine takes care of provisioning and maintaining the underlying virtual machine cluster, scaling your application, and operational logistics like logging, monitoring, and health management.

What is Joyent Triton?

Simple and proven. Securely deploy and operate containers with bare metal speed on container-native infrastructure, your cloud or ours.

What is Orchard?

Use Docker to run anything you can think of in 2 seconds flat without having to setup or manage servers.


Why do developers choose Google Kubernetes Engine?
Why do you like Google Kubernetes Engine?

Why do developers choose Joyent Triton?
Why do you like Joyent Triton?

Why do developers choose Orchard?
Why do you like Orchard?


What are the cons of using Google Kubernetes Engine?
No Cons submitted yet for Google Kubernetes Engine
Downsides of Google Kubernetes Engine?

What are the cons of using Joyent Triton?
No Cons submitted yet for Joyent Triton
Downsides of Joyent Triton?

What are the cons of using Orchard?
No Cons submitted yet for Orchard
Downsides of Orchard?


How much does Google Kubernetes Engine cost?
How much does Joyent Triton cost?
How much does Orchard cost?
Orchard Pricing


What companies use Google Kubernetes Engine?
122 companies on StackShare use Google Kubernetes Engine
What companies use Joyent Triton?
2 companies on StackShare use Joyent Triton
What companies use Orchard?
0 companies on StackShare use Orchard


What tools integrate with Google Kubernetes Engine?
8 tools on StackShare integrate with Google Kubernetes Engine
What tools integrate with Joyent Triton?
1 tools on StackShare integrate with Joyent Triton
What tools integrate with Orchard?
1 tools on StackShare integrate with Orchard

What are some alternatives to Google Kubernetes Engine, Joyent Triton, and Orchard?

  • Amazon EC2 Container Service - Container management service that supports Docker containers
  • Docker Cloud - A hosted service for Docker container management and deployment
  • Docker for AWS - Install a Swarm of Docker Engines secured end to end with TLS by default on AWS
  • Azure Container Service - Deploy and manage containers using the tools you choose

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