Grafana vs. Packetbeat

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What is Grafana?

Grafana is a general purpose dashboard and graph composer. It's focused on providing rich ways to visualize time series metrics, mainly though graphs but supports other ways to visualize data through a pluggable panel architecture. It currently has rich support for for Graphite, InfluxDB and OpenTSDB. But supports other data sources via plugins.

What is Packetbeat?

Packetbeat agents sniff the traffic between your application processes, parse on the fly protocols like HTTP, MySQL, Postgresql or REDIS and correlate the messages into transactions.
Why do developers choose Grafana?
Why do you like Grafana?

Why do developers choose Packetbeat?
Why do you like Packetbeat?

What are the cons of using Grafana?
No Cons submitted yet for Grafana
Downsides of Grafana?

What are the cons of using Packetbeat?
No Cons submitted yet for Packetbeat
Downsides of Packetbeat?

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How much does Grafana cost?
How much does Packetbeat cost?
What companies use Grafana?
699 companies on StackShare use Grafana
What companies use Packetbeat?
0 companies on StackShare use Packetbeat
What tools integrate with Grafana?
11 tools on StackShare integrate with Grafana
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What are some alternatives to Grafana and Packetbeat?

  • Logstash - Collect, Parse, & Enrich Data
  • Beats - Lightweight Data Shippers
  • Riemann - A network monitoring system
  • DPDK - he Data Plane Development Kit consists of libraries to accelerate packet processing workloads

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