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What is Streak?

Streak lets you keep track of all your deals right from your inbox. We let you group emails from the same customer together into one view and push that customer through your pipeline.

What is Highrise?

Highrise CRM helps you manage your contacts, keep track of who said what when, schedule follow-ups, set reminders, and convert leads into done deals.

What is Insightly?

With integrations to Google Apps, Office 365, MailChimp, and major social media sites; great mobile apps for tablets and smart phones; and easy access to a REST API for custom integration, Insightly is the leading small business CRM.

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Why do developers choose Streak?
Why do you like Streak?

Why do developers choose Highrise?
Why do you like Highrise?

Why do developers choose Insightly?
Why do you like Insightly?


What are the cons of using Streak?
No Cons submitted yet for Streak
Downsides of Streak?

What are the cons of using Highrise?
No Cons submitted yet for Highrise
Downsides of Highrise?

What are the cons of using Insightly?
No Cons submitted yet for Insightly
Downsides of Insightly?


How much does Streak cost?
How much does Highrise cost?
Highrise Pricing
How much does Insightly cost?
Insightly Pricing


What companies use Streak?
11 companies on StackShare use Streak
What companies use Highrise?
8 companies on StackShare use Highrise
What companies use Insightly?
7 companies on StackShare use Insightly


What tools integrate with Streak?
2 tools on StackShare integrate with Streak
What tools integrate with Highrise?
23 tools on StackShare integrate with Highrise
What tools integrate with Insightly?
4 tools on StackShare integrate with Insightly

What are some alternatives to Streak, Highrise, and Insightly?

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud - The world’s #1 CRM sales app
  • Pipedrive - A simple and visual sales pipeline tool that teams love to use
  • Zoho CRM - Close More Deals in Less Time
  • SugarCRM - CRM Made Simple. Flexible, Intuitive, Open, Social, Mobile

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