Kafka Manager vs RabbitMQ vs Sparrow

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Kafka Manager
Kafka Manager

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What is Kafka Manager?

This interface makes it easier to identify topics which are unevenly distributed across the cluster or have partition leaders unevenly distributed across the cluster. It supports management of multiple clusters, preferred replica election, replica re-assignment, and topic creation. It is also great for getting a quick bird’s eye view of the cluster.

What is RabbitMQ?

RabbitMQ gives your applications a common platform to send and receive messages, and your messages a safe place to live until received.

What is Sparrow?

Sparrow keeps messages in memory, but persists them to disk, using Sqlite, when the queue is shutdown.
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Why do developers choose Kafka Manager?
Why do developers choose RabbitMQ?
Why do developers choose Sparrow?
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        What companies use Kafka Manager?
        What companies use RabbitMQ?
        What companies use Sparrow?
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          What tools integrate with Kafka Manager?
          What tools integrate with RabbitMQ?
          What tools integrate with Sparrow?
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            What are some alternatives to Kafka Manager, RabbitMQ, and Sparrow?
            This gem is a modern Kafka client library for Ruby based on librdkafka. It wraps the production-ready C client using the ffi gem and targets Kafka 1.0+ and Ruby 2.3+.
            It is a Kafka GUI for topics, topics data, consumers group, schema registry, connect and more. It works with modern Kafka cluster.
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            Decisions about Kafka Manager, RabbitMQ, and Sparrow
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            Interest over time
            Reviews of Kafka Manager, RabbitMQ, and Sparrow
            Review ofRabbitMQRabbitMQ

            I developed one of the largest queue based medical results delivery systems in the world, 18,000+ queues and still growing over a decade later all using MQSeries, later called Websphere MQ. When I left that company I started using RabbitMQ after doing some research on free offerings.. it works brilliantly and is incredibly flexible from small scale single instance use to large scale multi-server - multi-site architectures.

            If you can think in queues then RabbitMQ should be a viable solution for integrating disparate systems.

            How developers use Kafka Manager, RabbitMQ, and Sparrow
            Avatar of Cloudify
            Cloudify uses RabbitMQRabbitMQ

            The poster child for scalable messaging systems, RabbitMQ has been used in countless large scale systems as the messaging backbone of any large cluster, and has proven itself time and again in many production settings.

            Avatar of Chris Saylor
            Chris Saylor uses RabbitMQRabbitMQ

            Rabbit acts as our coordinator for all actions that happen during game time. All worker containers connect to rabbit in order to receive game events and emit their own events when applicable.

            Avatar of Clarabridge Engage
            Clarabridge Engage uses RabbitMQRabbitMQ

            Used as central Message Broker; off-loading tasks to be executed asynchronous, used as communication tool between different microservices, used as tool to handle peaks in incoming data, etc.

            Avatar of Analytical Informatics
            Analytical Informatics uses RabbitMQRabbitMQ

            RabbitMQ is the enterprise message bus for our platform, providing infrastructure for managing our ETL queues, real-time event notifications for applications, and audit logging.

            Avatar of Packet
            Packet uses RabbitMQRabbitMQ

            RabbitMQ is an all purpose queuing service for our stack. We use it for user facing jobs as well as keeping track of behind the scenes jobs.

            How much does Kafka Manager cost?
            How much does RabbitMQ cost?
            How much does Sparrow cost?
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