Zopim vs. LiveChat

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What is Zopim?

Zopim is focused on serving the needs of web users that hasn’t been met by other chat solutions: the need for usability, convenience and simplicity of design

What is LiveChat?

LiveChat provides a live chat application with help desk and web analytics functionalities, allowing online businesses to communicate with visitors in real time.

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Why do developers choose Zopim?
Why do you like Zopim?

Why do developers choose LiveChat?
Why do you like LiveChat?


What are the cons of using Zopim?
No Cons submitted yet for Zopim
Downsides of Zopim?

What are the cons of using LiveChat?
No Cons submitted yet for LiveChat
Downsides of LiveChat?


How much does Zopim cost?
Zopim Pricing
How much does LiveChat cost?
LiveChat Pricing


What companies use Zopim?
346 companies on StackShare use Zopim
What companies use LiveChat?
6 companies on StackShare use LiveChat


What tools integrate with Zopim?
11 tools on StackShare integrate with Zopim
What tools integrate with LiveChat?
35 tools on StackShare integrate with LiveChat

What are some alternatives to Zopim and LiveChat?

  • Olark - Live chat with your customers for sales and support
  • Drift - A messaging app that helps you grow your business.
  • Tawkto - A free messaging app that lets you monitor and chat with visitors on your website or from a free customizable page
  • Crisp - Simple Customer service built for startups

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