Sequel Pro vs. Massive vs. TablePlus

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What is Sequel Pro?

Sequel Pro is a fast, easy-to-use Mac database management application for working with MySQL databases.

What is Massive?

Massive's goal is to help you get data from your database. This is not an ORM, it's a bit more than a query tool - our goal is to do just enough, then get out of your way. Massive embraces SQL completely, and helps you out when you don't feel like writing another mundane select * from statement.

What is TablePlus?

TablePlus is a native app which helps you easily edit database data and structure. TablePlus includes many security features to protect your database, including native libssh and TLS to encrypt your connection.
Why do developers choose Sequel Pro?
Why do you like Sequel Pro?

Why do developers choose Massive?
Why do you like Massive?

Why do developers choose TablePlus?
Why do you like TablePlus?

What are the cons of using Sequel Pro?
No Cons submitted yet for Sequel Pro
Downsides of Sequel Pro?

What are the cons of using Massive?
No Cons submitted yet for Massive
Downsides of Massive?

What are the cons of using TablePlus?
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Downsides of TablePlus?

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How much does Sequel Pro cost?
How much does Massive cost?
How much does TablePlus cost?
What companies use Sequel Pro?
59 companies on StackShare use Sequel Pro
What companies use Massive?
0 companies on StackShare use Massive
What companies use TablePlus?
4 companies on StackShare use TablePlus
What tools integrate with Sequel Pro?
1 tools on StackShare integrate with Sequel Pro
What tools integrate with Massive?
1 tools on StackShare integrate with Massive
What tools integrate with TablePlus?
6 tools on StackShare integrate with TablePlus

What are some alternatives to Sequel Pro, Massive, and TablePlus?

  • Navicat - Navicat is a comprehensive DB tool for MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle and PostgreSQL development and management.
  • PostgreSQL - A powerful, open source object-relational database system
  • DataGrip - A database IDE for professional SQL developers
  • PostGIS - Open source spatial database

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