Nomad vs. Apache Mesos vs. Mesosphere

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What is Nomad?

Nomad is a cluster manager, designed for both long lived services and short lived batch processing workloads. Developers use a declarative job specification to submit work, and Nomad ensures constraints are satisfied and resource utilization is optimized by efficient task packing. Nomad supports all major operating systems and virtualized, containerized, or standalone applications.

What is Apache Mesos?

Apache Mesos is a cluster manager that simplifies the complexity of running applications on a shared pool of servers.

What is Mesosphere?

Mesosphere offers a layer of software that organizes your machines, VMs, and cloud instances and lets applications draw from a single pool of intelligently- and dynamically-allocated resources, increasing efficiency and reducing operational complexity.
Why do developers choose Nomad?
Why do you like Nomad?

Why do developers choose Apache Mesos?
Why do you like Apache Mesos?

Why do developers choose Mesosphere?
Why do you like Mesosphere?

What are the cons of using Nomad?
No Cons submitted yet for Nomad
Downsides of Nomad?

What are the cons of using Apache Mesos?
Downsides of Apache Mesos?

What are the cons of using Mesosphere?
No Cons submitted yet for Mesosphere
Downsides of Mesosphere?

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How much does Nomad cost?
How much does Apache Mesos cost?
How much does Mesosphere cost?
What companies use Nomad?
27 companies on StackShare use Nomad
What companies use Apache Mesos?
70 companies on StackShare use Apache Mesos
What companies use Mesosphere?
13 companies on StackShare use Mesosphere
What tools integrate with Nomad?
2 tools on StackShare integrate with Nomad
What tools integrate with Apache Mesos?
14 tools on StackShare integrate with Apache Mesos
What tools integrate with Mesosphere?
10 tools on StackShare integrate with Mesosphere

What are some alternatives to Nomad, Apache Mesos, and Mesosphere?

  • DC/OS - The Datacenter Operating System. The easiest way to run microservices, big data, and containers in production.
  • Apache Aurora - An Apcahe Mesos framework for scheduling jobs, originally developed by Twitter
  • Gardener - Manage Kubernetes clusters across multiple cloud providers
  • Elastic Apache Mesos - Automated creation of Apache Mesos clusters on Amazon EC2

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