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What is Rackspace OnMetal?

OnMetal servers are single-tenant, bare-metal servers provisioned via the same OpenStack API as our cloud. They can be spun up as quickly as VMs to offer the agility of multi-tenant environments with the performance of single-tenant hardware. OnMetal servers are our own design and are engineered in a highly opinionated way. We’ve made them 100 percent solid-state with external cooling, leading to increased mean time between failures (MTBF). They are also incredibly large, so you’ll need fewer of them.

What is WiredTree?

We custom build your server by hand and manage it onsite and in person. Whatever your business requires, we give you a tailored hosting solution.

What is SingleHop?

SingleHop's bare metal dedicated servers offer a unique blend of on-demand computing and dedicated, predictable performance. By combining cloud-style automated deployment with physical dedicated servers, customers are able to deploy fully private computing resources in hours, not days or weeks.

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