Opbeat vs. OverOps

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What is Opbeat?

Opbeat is application monitoring for developers, and gives you performance metrics, error logging, release tracking and workflow in one smart product.

What is OverOps?

OverOps detects all caught and uncaught exceptions, logged and HTTP errors. Installs in 1 minute and no configuration needed. Build and runs on the JVM - Java/Scala and all other JVM languages are supported.

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Why do developers choose Opbeat?
Why do you like Opbeat?

Why do developers choose OverOps?
Why do you like OverOps?

What are the cons of using Opbeat?
No Cons submitted yet for Opbeat
Downsides of Opbeat?

What are the cons of using OverOps?
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Downsides of OverOps?

How much does Opbeat cost?
Opbeat Pricing
How much does OverOps cost?
OverOps Pricing
What companies use Opbeat?
27 companies on StackShare use Opbeat
What companies use OverOps?
1 companies on StackShare use OverOps
What tools integrate with Opbeat?
7 tools on StackShare integrate with Opbeat
No integrations listed yet

What are some alternatives to Opbeat and OverOps?

  • Sentry - Cut time to resolution for app errors from five hours to five minutes.
  • Rollbar - Full-stack error monitoring for developers.
  • Bugsnag - Bugsnag provides production error monitoring and management for front-end, mobile and back-end applications
  • TrackJS - JavaScript Error Monitoring for Modern Web Applications

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