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What is PhraseApp?

Translation management solution for web and mobile applications. Collaborate with your team, find professional translators and stay on top of the process.

What is Smartling?

Smartling takes the complexity, cost and time out of the translation process by providing companies with an automated, cloud-based translation management platform and comprehensive translation services.

What is Transifex?

Transifex is a cloud-based localization platform built to help you manage the translation and localization of your app, website, video subtitles, and more. It acts as a repository for your content (think GitHub for translation) and includes tools for developers to get that content into Transifex automatically. Transifex also provides translators a web interface to submit translations.

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Why do developers choose PhraseApp?
Why do developers choose Smartling?
Why do developers choose Transifex?
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    What are the cons of using PhraseApp?
    What are the cons of using Smartling?
    What are the cons of using Transifex?
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        What companies use PhraseApp?
        What companies use Smartling?
        What companies use Transifex?

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        What tools integrate with PhraseApp?
        What tools integrate with Smartling?
        What tools integrate with Transifex?
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          What are some alternatives to PhraseApp, Smartling, and Transifex?
          Crowdin is a localization management platform with all the features you need for agile localization. Get your app, game, web app, software and on fast and seamlessly translated into more than 300 languages.
          OneSky provides a powerful cloud-based translation management system (TMS) that streamlines the entire translation management process for mobile apps, websites and documents. OneSky offers professional translation services and application testing solutions in 60+ languages. Over 3,000 companies have used OneSky to expand their global presence.
          POEditor is a software localization management tool, perfect for collaborative or crowdsourced translation projects. Translate websites, apps, games and more!
          Qordoba’s localization software automatically pulls in and syncs all of the content required to take your products, marketing, sales collateral and documentation into over 100 markets.
          Unbabel is breaking language barriers combining Machine Translation with Crowd Editing. First, state-of-the-art artificial intelligence software translates the text from source to target language. Tasks are assigned to editors who correct the texts, perfecting the translation.
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          How much does Smartling cost?
          How much does Transifex cost?
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