pre-commit vs. pre-commit by Yelp vs. ungit

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What is pre-commit?

pre-commit checks your code for errors before you commit it. pre-commit is configurable.

What is pre-commit by Yelp?

If one of your developers doesn’t have node installed but modifies a JavaScript file, pre-commit automatically handles downloading and building node to run jshint without root. Pre-commit is a multi-language package manager for pre-commit hooks. You specify a list of hooks you want and pre-commit manages the installation and execution of any hook written in any language before every commit. pre-commit is specifically designed to not require root access.

What is ungit?

Clean and intuitive UI that makes it easy to understand git.

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Why do developers choose pre-commit?
Why do you like pre-commit?

Why do developers choose pre-commit by Yelp?
Why do you like pre-commit by Yelp?

Why do developers choose ungit?
Why do you like ungit?


What are the cons of using pre-commit?
No Cons submitted yet for pre-commit
Downsides of pre-commit?

What are the cons of using pre-commit by Yelp?
No Cons submitted yet for pre-commit by Yelp
Downsides of pre-commit by Yelp?

What are the cons of using ungit?
No Cons submitted yet for ungit
Downsides of ungit?


How much does pre-commit cost?
How much does pre-commit by Yelp cost?
How much does ungit cost?


What companies use pre-commit?
3 companies on StackShare use pre-commit
What companies use pre-commit by Yelp?
2 companies on StackShare use pre-commit by Yelp
What companies use ungit?
1 companies on StackShare use ungit

What are some alternatives to pre-commit, pre-commit by Yelp, and ungit?

  • Diff So Fancy - Make Git diffs look good
  • hub - Wraps Git with extra features that make working with GitHub easier (by GitHub)
  • Working Copy - The powerful Git client for iOS
  • GVFS - Git Virtual File System (by Microsoft)

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