React Canvas vs. Re-base vs. Hyperloop

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What is React Canvas?

React Canvas adds the ability for React components to render to "canvas" rather than DOM. This project is a work-in-progress. Though much of the code is in production on, the React canvas bindings are relatively new and the API is subject to change.

What is Re-base?

React.js makes managing state easy to reason about. Firebase makes persisting your data easy to implement. re-base, inspired by Relay, combines the benefits of React and Firebase by allowing each component to specify its own data dependency. Forget about your data persistence and focus on what really matters, your application's state.

What is Hyperloop?

Hyperloop lets you build beautiful interactive user interfaces using the same Ruby language running your server side code. Reactrb replaces JS code, JSX, HTML, templating languages, and complex frameworks with one simple system.
Why do developers choose React Canvas?
Why do you like React Canvas?

Why do developers choose Re-base?
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Why do developers choose Hyperloop?
Why do you like Hyperloop?

What are the cons of using React Canvas?
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Downsides of React Canvas?

What are the cons of using Re-base?
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Downsides of Re-base?

What are the cons of using Hyperloop?
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Downsides of Hyperloop?