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What is Reqres?

A hosted REST-API ready to respond to your AJAX requests.

What is seneca?

Seneca is a toolkit for organizing the business logic of your app. You can break down your app into "stuff that happens", rather than focusing on data models or managing dependencies.

What is

Legible & concise status badges for third-party codebase services.

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Why do developers choose Reqres?
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Why do developers choose seneca?
Why do you like seneca?

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What are the cons of using Reqres?
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Downsides of Reqres?

What are the cons of using seneca?
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Downsides of seneca?

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What companies use Reqres?
0 companies on StackShare use Reqres
What companies use seneca?
6 companies on StackShare use seneca
What companies use
7 companies on StackShare use


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What tools integrate with seneca?
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What are some alternatives to Reqres, seneca, and

  • Postman - Postman is the only complete API development environment.
  • Amazon API Gateway - Create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs at any scale
  • Paw - The ultimate REST client for Mac
  • Insomnia REST Client - The most intuitive cross-platform REST API Client 😴

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