Screenhero vs. Surfly

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What is Screenhero?

Screenhero gives you low-lag screen sharing, multiple mouse cursors, and voice chat. You each get your own mouse cursor, and you're both always in control. It works with your favorite IDE, text editor, or app.

What is Surfly?

Surfly is the simplest way to share a web session with others. With Surfly, you can share your viewpoint on the web with someone else with just a single click. You don’t need to install any software or give anyone access to your computer. Surfly is Simple, Fast and Safe! There is no software to install or code to write. All you need to do to share a session is open, type in the website you want to share and share the resulting link
Why do developers choose Screenhero?
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Why do developers choose Surfly?
Why do you like Surfly?

What are the cons of using Screenhero?
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Downsides of Screenhero?

What are the cons of using Surfly?
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Downsides of Surfly?

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How much does Screenhero cost?
Screenhero Pricing
How much does Surfly cost?
Surfly Pricing
What companies use Screenhero?
21 companies on StackShare use Screenhero
What companies use Surfly?
0 companies on StackShare use Surfly
What tools integrate with Screenhero?
3 tools on StackShare integrate with Screenhero
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What are some alternatives to Screenhero and Surfly?

  • - Video conversations with up to 8 people for free. No login — no installs
  • - Instant screen sharing. Instant Aha!

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