Selendroid vs. TestObject

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What is Selendroid?

Selendroid is a test automation framework which drives off the UI of Android native and hybrid applications (apps) and the mobile web. Tests are written using the Selenium 2 client API

What is TestObject?

TestObject offers a cloud infrastructure for automated mobile app testing that is accessible from any web browser. TestObject allows you to easily upload any app to your own testing account, record tests and run them on multiple devices. You will then get a detailed report with the test results.

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Why do developers choose Selendroid?
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Why do developers choose TestObject?
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What are the cons of using Selendroid?
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What are the cons of using TestObject?
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How much does Selendroid cost?
How much does TestObject cost?
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What companies use Selendroid?
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What companies use TestObject?
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What tools integrate with Selendroid?
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What are some alternatives to Selendroid and TestObject?

  • BitBar - Test your mobile apps/games on hundreds of real Android and iOS devices
  • Xamarin Test Cloud - Automatically test your app on 1,000 devices in the cloud
  • AppThwack - Test your app on 100s of real Android and iOS devices in the cloud
  • Gauge - Open source test automation tool that is simple and flexible to use, written in golang and completely hackable.

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