Build trust with every incident: Real-time status and incident communication.

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The #1 status and incident communication tool. Use Statuspage to build trust with every incident. is a tool in the Status Page Hosting category of a tech stack.

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214 companies reportedly use in their tech stacks, including Shopify, Instacart, and Accenture.

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Slack, New Relic, Datadog, Pingdom, and Rollbar are some of the popular tools that integrate with Here's a list of all 27 tools that integrate with
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Easy downtime notifications
It's lovely out of the box
Historical Incidents
Automatically tweet updates

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50684's Features

  • Incidents During Service Disruptions- Active incidents are prominently displayed at the top of your page for your visitors to see right when they arrive, and they can subscribe to further updates via email or SMS.
  • Status For Individual Architecture Pieces- Modern systems are made up of many different functional pieces, and listing each piece separately helps you further communicate the status of your infrastructure. Each component can be listed as Operational, Degraded Performance, Partial Outage, or Major Outage.
  • Scheduled Maintenance- proactively reach out to customers via Scheduled Maintenance to avoid the email rage while you're busy getting the servers back on their feet.
  • Shared Components- If you're dependent on Heroku or GitHub, you're in luck. Simply add a Shared Component for each of those vendors, and we'll automatically update its status and when we detect that they are up, down, or in a degraded state.
  • Historical Incidents- Prospective customers can look through your history of incidents and see how well you responded.
  • Display Performance Metrics
  • Sourced From Data Partners- import your system data from Pingdom, Librato, New Relic, Datadog, and TempoDB.
  • Notify Your Users During Downtime- Notifications let you be proactive with your customers so that they're in the loop right away, and they can in turn communicate however they need to with the people that rely on them.
  • Email, SMS, Webhooks, RSS and Atom- Notifications can be subcribed to via email, SMS, webhook, RSS, or JSON API endpoints
  • Single Incidents Or The Whole Firehose- Your customers have the option to sign up for all notifications for all incidents, or they can selectively opt in to notifications after they've been created. You as the page owner get to control which streams are available (single, firehose, or both), as well as which mediums are available (email, sms, webhook...mix and match).
  • Customize Your Page- Colors and Logos, Custom Domain Name, External Stylesheets, Privacy Features (hide your page from search and restrict which IP addresses have access)
  • Designed for every device- iPhone, iPad laptop or full-size monitor
  • RESTful API- Push updates to your status page or pull your current status into your static 400 and 500 level error pages. Our API lets you build status page into your workflow so you can make it work for you. The API gives you read/write access to your organization, incidents, components and subscribers.
  • Auto-update via Pingdom
  • Widgets for your error pages- With our JS widget, you can display your current status on in any of your error pages. All you have to do is embed the JS snippet, create a placeholder, and we'll replace the contents of that with your status with a link to your page.
  • Automatically tweet updates Alternatives & Comparisons

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