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I am out of my league here due to my limited technical knowledge compared to most people on stackshare. I am learning so I will contribute my thoughts in return plus stackshare asks me to add something that I have learned. I owned a good sized Internet candy distributor five years ago and about 8 years ago moved from Bigcommerce because they raised their price from $80.00 to something like $750 with only 2 months advanced notice to pay or leave. The price is fair but I should have been given maybe 6 months notice. I spent a month analyzing and testing other ecommerce solutions then another month finding a developer to help me move.

First, only choose a platform that's complicated like Magento if you can afford a developer to fix bugs and update security. I experienced some horrible developers but in the end found a great honest small shop to help me. Secondly, don't install a new version (in my case Magento 2.0) and stick with the time tester older version (Magento 1.X) until most big bugs are fixed. I know this information is old but not the lesson I learned which is timeless. My guess is Magento still needs to be updated constantly so stick with something like Shopify until your company grows larger.

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