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Streak lets you keep track of all your deals right from your inbox. We let you group emails from the same customer together into one view and push that customer through your pipeline.

Streak's Features
  • Simple Sharing- Want to know who in your organization has talked to a specific customer? Want to see the emails that went back and forth? Want to know where the customer is in the sales pipeline? Streak makes it easy, letting you selectively share parts of your inbox and all the deals across your company.
  • Schedule Emails to Send Later- Did you know the best time to send an email to a warm lead is Monday at 9:30am? Streak lets you write an email now and have it delivered whenever you want.
  • See all your deals inside Gmail- Want to see a holistic view of your customers or deals? We built a spreadsheet view right inside Gmail to let you edit your deals fast and create easy reports.
  • Streak Plays Nice- Streak never alters any data in your Gmail. No extra labels, and no moving around your messages. Streak adds a layer of organization on top of your email and stores this separately and securely in our own cloud.
  • Works With Google Apps- Streak is compatible with any of your Gmail accounts and you can use them across accounts simultaneously. Streak works on personal Gmail accounts or accounts provided by your organization, school, or business.

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